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Our goal here is very simple: we want you to sleep better. We try to provide our readers (also known as sleepy heads) with detailed, comprehensive, engaging, and honest info. We do thorough research on each product or issue we deal with. Whether you are looking for some simple tricks to improve your sleep or for product suggestions that will be perfect for you specifically, we are here to help.

Consider us your personal sleep fairies. We take your insomnia and pain away and give you the best mattresses, accessories, and pieces of advice, all aimed to help you sleep better. Magic? No, more like extensive research and practical testing.

Meet Our Team

John BreeseFounder and CEO: John Breese

Before HappySleepyHead was founded, he had been working in the mattress industry and had personally tested and compared hundreds of mattresses, pillows and sleep products.

The idea of launching a go-to web resource for those struggling with sleep-related problems had first come across John’s mind in 2012 when he started dealing with insomnia episodes himself. He had spent months studying the science behind sleep before he decided to launch a website about sleep and different sleep products.

In 2015, John Breese founded HappySleepyHead with a goal to help people who have sleep issues. His rich experience and a trained eye help him test products with attention and precision. He picks only the best of the best and knows the key to putting your sleep back to normal.

His pieces of advice were featured on big publications such as ForbesPsychologytodayMarketwatch and others.

His Email: [email protected]

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Julie LambertSleep Expert: Julie Lambert
Her expert insight on sleep-related problems has been featured on major online magazines and web resources. Growing up in a small apartment shared with a big family, Julie has developed a tremendous appreciation for a peaceful sleep. She now lives in her own apartment in Boston MA, and loves testing mattresses, pillows, and sleep accessories. She is also interested in modern-day innovations, and you can never see her without her fitness/sleep tracker. She is constantly learning about sleep

Contributor: Richard Scott.
Richard has been dealing with sleep issues all his adult life. He has tried and tested countless remedies and can be easily considered an expert in this field.Richard writes based on his personal experiences and actively participates in product testing. He also has a degree in Ecology from the University of North Carolina. Richard is passionate about sustainable resources and writes a lot about natural components and materials used in pillows and mattresses.

Contributor:Emma Williams
Emma Williams is a professional sleep blogger who is a regular contributor to SleepingCulture. She enjoys demystifying sleep disorders and educating readers on the importance of good sleep health.

HR Consultant: Svetlana Doroshenko

Svetlana is an HR consultant that can transform any team into a balanced ecosystem. 

Svetlana loves her job. By combining the knowledge she obtained as a psychologist with the modern HR standards, Svetlana can easily create a highly functioning team and find a source of motivation for every member.

Svetlana has keen strategic thinking and can predict how the team will perform in the long term. She is responsible for training our employees and putting their working and personal qualities on a new level.


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And… Sleep tight!

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