Leesa Mattress review

When was the last time you had a great night’s sleep?

Now, Leesa makes comfortable, restorative sleep easy!

You too can own this premium memory foam mattress and save a bundle!

In reviewing the Leesa Mattress, I evaluated every aspect of this product to help you determine if this is the right mattress for you!

  • For the best value in comfortsleep comfort is a top priority for most people. Since my back surgery over two years ago, I have not found anything more comfortable-I find my Leesa Mattress to be just right in firmness compared to the other mattresses I have tried sleeping on.
  • For eye-appeal– the cover has a nice soft pattern, (cut from one piece of fabric) and very soft, and looks both stylish and comfortable even without any sheets. And now, they even offer complementing blankets made of the same fabrics available.
  • For the multi-position sleepers – If you’re like me and sleep in multiple positions through the night, you will find the Leesa Foam Mattress firmness to be comfortable in any sleeping position, even if you sleep on your stomach.  So,  if you turn over often through the night, then this would be a good choice for you.
  • For those who hate to sleep “hot” –  One of the biggest concerns people have about purchasing a memory foam mattress is that they sleep “hot”. In my unbiased opinion, I don’t find that to be the case.  By using a 2” Avena foam top-layer that allows better air flow, the Leesa mattress will help keep you cool while you sleep.
  • For overall great value – Leesa sleep products manufacture their products in the US and can ship the mattress to your door, or provide White Glove delivery and set up. This cuts out the middleman-the retailer-and the typical in-store sales hassle.  

As part of the review of the Leesa mattress, I found their website to be very easy to navigate. Why is this important? By reducing their overhead costs Leesa able to offer their sleep products for significantly less. I’ve purchased other similar products and although you may find them priced slightly higher than some of the other brands, Leesa Foam Mattresses are quite simply, BETTER!

The optional White Glove team not only delivered your mattress, they also set it up in any room of your choosing, almost anywhere in the 50 United States (shipping is free to HI or AK, a $100 return fee will apply) and Canada. They even hauled off my old mattress! Due to my back surgery, these two features were a blessing for me.

Here’s the best part! When I climbed into bed that first night, the Leesa Foam Mattress’ firmness was perfect for me; I slept so peacefully and woke up fully energized the next morning–and You Can Too!

You spend over ⅓ of your life sleeping – make the best of it!

Construction – Layered Foam

Does it pay to have a good mattress?  While there is no standard definition of “good mattress”, individual preference is the most important factor in determining which mattress is best for you.

Now that I have the right mattress, my sleep quality has improved, aches and pains are gone and I find I have more patience now that my stress level has decreased.

Impact on your Health:  Research shows that over 92% of people polled agree that a comfortable mattress is important to recuperative sleep and being well-rested.

Investing in a quality mattress, such as the Leesa, will far outweigh the cost of a new, cheap mattress that will wear out in no time, returning you back to the previous state of fitful sleep.

In talking to my friends and colleagues, I found that most people of them claimed they simply couldn’t afford a good mattress. Considering the benefits of sleeping on the right mattress, it may be a matter of you can’t afford NOT to have a good one. My sleepless nights of tossing and turning and waking up feeling exhausted and achy were definite signs that it was time for a new one.

The Leesa Foam Mattress consists of 4-Layer Construction – The three layers of foam, top layer Avena foam, combined with the memory foam and a stylish cover provide you the luxury feel of a premium foam mattresses:

  • First Layer – The Cover – Leesa’s standards are reflected in their simple, yet attractive covers. The quality in the cover is a testimony to their commitment to the quality of the underlying layers of comfort and support.You can sleep on it with just a sheet – no needs for additional padding. Use cotton sheets when possible to allow the mattress to breath and better airflow. To clean, just take a wet cloth and clean the spot, then pat dry. Leave uncovered to dry completely.There are two designs to choose from: the first is a solid grey with white stripes while the other is basically white with stripes and arrow design.
  • Second Layer – Starts with the cooling & bounce layer of a 2” top Avena Foam Layer, a latex foam alternative
  • Third Layer – Next is the  2” of total body contouring memory foam in the middle layer for total body relaxation and maximum pressure relief
  • Fourth Layer –  This “foundation” is a supportive  6” dense core foam that adds durability and strength, helping to accommodate almost any size sleeper.

While extremely supportive, memory foam,has a tendency to “sleep hot”. The combination of layered Avena and memory foam provides more support, greater comfort, and a cooling top layer, all wrapped up in a soft, attractive cover.

You might be wondering: Did I have any doubts after trying so many other mattresses? Yes. At first. I was cautiously optimistic. However, my first few nights of sleeping on my Lessa are a true testimony to its construction, both in comfort and support.

During my research, I discovered several benefits and advantages for Avena foam mattresses:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • 100% recyclable
  • No lead or other heavy metals
  • No PBDE flame retardants
  • No formaldehyde, mercury or ozone depleters
  • Fire retardant
  • Low VOCs
  • Density:  3.6pcf
  • Indentation force deflection:  20-26
  • Will not crumble or crack
  • Holds up better through humid conditions
  • Manufacturing process is eco-friendly
  • CertiPUR-US Certified

It gets better: In researching the differences in latex  vs., Avena, I discovered that the majority of other latex and foam mattresses consist of a mere 1-1 1/2 “ inches in their top layers compared to Leesa’s 2” inches, as well as an additional 2” of memory foam in the second layer.

Combined, these differences make for a better night’s sleep. I found the mattress to be very reactive to my nocturnal twists and turns,  with minimal bounce and subtle re-contouring and reshaping to my body. I fall back to sleep immediately.

Support – Firmness – Comfort

The Leesa Mattress was developed for the comfort, firmness and support needs of most people. It rates a 6/10 on firmness.

Please Note: the right surface to support for your Leesa mattress is important ; it can affect the way it feels and responds. For best results, it is highly recommended that you set the mattress on a solid or slatted base, providing the sturdiness needed. Anything else can cause the mattress to feel too soft. Mine sits on a solid platform base.

Here’s the deal: In terms of overall comfort and support, and value for your money, the Leesa Foam Mattress is hard to beat.

Motion Transfer & Sinkage Test

Turning over or getting up without disturbing your partner is an important feature when purchasing a mattress. We found the motion transfer to be minimal, allowing us to sleep comfortably with insignificant disruption in our sleep. Since we both have very different schedules, this works perfectly!

Here are my findings on sinkage (You may experience more/less dependent on your size, weight, and type of base)

  • Lying on back– 2″ sinkage
  • Lying on side – 2.25″ sinkage
  • Sit on edge –  3.5″-4” sinkage
  • Stand in the center – 4.5″  sinkage.

Solid foam mattresses are not designed to sit on the edge as there is no reinforcement cabling, etc. so sinkage normal. The Leesa foam mattress retains its structural integrity and will not collapse.

Trial Period & Guarantee

100-day, in-home trial period! 10 Year full  replacement limited warranty

Don’t like it – hate it?  Leesa’s return policy makes it easy. If for ANY reason you are not happy with your mattress, simply drop Leesa’s customer service an email within the first 100 day trial period. Done! Refund is on the way! No worries about returning the mattress; Leesa helps arrange for a recycling or donation center to pick up the mattress. YOU PAY NOTHING!


Compared to another great product, the Casper, or other latex or memory foam mattresses, Leesa mattress is fairly priced, when you take into account the free shipping.

Twin XL$625
King $1070
California King$1070


Leesa mattresses ship directly to you in 3-10 days. Free Shipping!

Giving Back to the Community- Read about Leesa’s Acts of Kindness

From helping the less fortunate to supporting the Arbor Day Foundation by planting trees to help increase our sustainable resources, Leesa is committed to giving back and helping communities.

  • Leesa 1/10  program: donates 1 mattress for every 10 they sell
  • Leesa donates all returned mattresses
  • Leesa plants 1 tree for every  mattress they sell

So, is Leesa mattress for you?

Bottom Line: I recommend it for you if (pros)… But not if (cons)


You like a medium firm mattress

You like a balanced mattress

You like a a little sinkage and good body contouring

You like quality materials, AND reasonable pricing

You want to buy from a company that actively gives back to the community


May not be as cool as you might expect

May be too firm for some

No edge reinforcement

You weigh more than 224 lbs. (101.6kg)

  • Comfort
  • Materials
  • Support
  • Motion transfer
  • Cooling
  • Smell
  • Company reputation
  • Delivery
  • Warranty


I am definitely impressed! After suffering for more than two years of not sleeping well due to my back surgery, my Leesa mattress provides me the support and comfort I need. I am now able to sleep comfortably in almost any position!
So, have you already got Leesa for yourself? Do you feel well rested when you sleep on this mattress? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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    Oh wow, I never heard of the “Leesa Mattress” before! It sounds like a great mattress that could really improve sleep. I know someone currently looking for a new mattress that could benefit from this one. I’ll be sure to tell them to check it out!

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