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best mattress reviews

Please be so kind to admit the fact that there a plenty of varied types of mattresses on the market now.

What is a coincidence that you are looking a new one as an old version is not suitable for you anymore, right?

What should you do if you are confused with such a high number of proposals from different producers?

Today is your lucky day! I have collected valuable information about the best mattresses on the market which can be suitable exactly for YOU. I am confident that one of our TOP 8 mattresses will be able to make your dream colorful and sleep uninterrupted.

Do not hesitate to follow me further to explore mattress reviews mentioned below. You will see reviews of eight best mattresses, one best from each category and even three best memory foam mattresses as it is the best type ever.

I recommend you from the bottom of my heart considering these reviews before you make your proper choice.

Alexander Signature HybridHybrid4″ Gel Memory foam
1″ SmartFlow Foam
2″ Transition
4″ Pocketed coils base
101 nights
LeesaFoam2″Avena Foam
2″Memory Foam
6″Support Foam
100 nights
Loom and LeafFoam5” base layer
2” transition layer
2.5” top memory foam
cooling gel layer
120 nights
CasperFoam1.5″Poly foam
1.5″Memory foam
1.5″Poly transitional foam
5.0″Base foam
100 nights
Latex Hybrid From Nest Bedding
3″Dunlop latex foam
7″Pocketed coils
101 nights
SaatvaInnerspring4″ Memory foam
7″ Coils in foam
0.5″ Steel coils
5″ Support foam
120 nights
Brooklyn Bedding
Latex2″TitanFlex foam
2″TitanFlex foam
6″Support foam
120 nights
PurpleElastic Polymer2″Hyper-elastic polymer
3.5″Polyurethane foam
4″Polyurethane foam
100 nights

Alexander Signature Hybrid from Nest Bedding

Alexander Hybrid Mattress

Right mattress is similar to the feeling of delightful and active present time of your life. You are worthy to possess the best ever option with characteristics right only for you. That’s why Nest Bedding was chosen as the best mattress 2017-2018 in the category of hybrid mattresses. Please follow me in order to discover it.

Now: Layers
Soft foam is able to improve airflow. Copper gel memory foam gives the incredibly cooling effect which is able to absorb unnecessary heat from the surface where you sleep. It helps you to feel pleasant comfort and a required bounce. SmartFlow foam plays transitional support. It wouldn’t be any reliable foundation without base foam which is on the bottom.
Deep compression support is possible due to pocketed coils.
Due to the ideal combination of cotton and polyester, you will feel smooth pleasure from the

What is really great with that mattress?

I like when I am able to choose from two versatile firmness options: firm level has 5,5 from 10, 5,5 is the middle and 7,5 is considered like firm variant.

What is wrong with that mattress?
I slept a bit hot despite all producer’s assurance about cooling effect.


Three versatile possible options in firmness

No unpleasant smell

Harmony of such characteristics like bounce, support and respective comfort.


There is no trial period for foreign orders

Craftsmanship is not on the best level

check out alexander hybrid mattress on nestbedding.com

Leesa Mattress

leesa mattress

You will explore all benefits of Leesa company in below review.
Three components, three versatile layers create the ideal combination.

Here is the proof:

  • A top layer called Avena has been patented as able to present fascinating characteristics
    similar to latex material: great bounce, cooling effect thanks to special air holes and
    comfort. In the same time, this layer is even greater as it is more durable.
  • Deep compression support is possible due to second memory foam layer.
  • The base layer is the conductor to the world of required support which is possible thanks to high-density foam. One more bonus is in the breathable layer as two above.
  • Cover surprises you by their fascinating design and quite thick material. But you don’t have to worry as it is constructed from poly-lycra blend fabric. Thanks to such options, it is breathable and stretchy.

What is really great with that mattress?
The firmness with 6 out of 10 scale makes Leesa mattress ideal for side sleepers. Patented
Avena foam with pleasantly designed cover stands out from other mattresses, especially with the most affordable costs.

What is wrong with that mattress?
If you like really soft or too firm mattress, this is not your option.


Patented materials

Great bounce

Excellent for side sleepers

Breathable cover and all layers

Good body contouring


Only one model

Available online only

check out leesa mattress on leesa.com

The Loom and Leaf by Saatva

loom and leaf mattress

Saatva has done all their best with the mattress from series Loom and Leaf. That’s why I have included it in the list of the best mattress 2017-2018.
Here you will be convinced with their faithful reputation following my mattress review.
Let’s start with essential characteristics – layers.

  1. The first layer which is noticeable to you is gel foam layer. It provides the required cooling effect.
  2.  Desirable comfort is achievable thanks to Visco memory foam.
  3. Next layer provides with transition support.
  4.  The last layer is destined to play the crucial role and central support.

Stylish in design cover obtain breathable and aesthetic functionality for sleepers who need low back support as well as with torso.

Here is the deal:
Please welcome 5,5 out of 10 firmness scale It is intended for most of sleeping positions. Next variant – 8,5 out of 10 scale – is for those who prefer firm mattresses (for back sleepers for example).

What is really great with that mattress?

All three sleeping positions will be satisfied by such characteristic of this mattress as firmness. You will enjoy the cotton cover, combination of versatile foam layers are designed for the placid and comfortable dream.

What is wrong with that mattress?

It is not ideal edge support if you sit there. You are not to be able to meet here any organic materials. It can be too firm for those who like when mattress “hugs” them.


Cooling effect

Cover made of organic material

Most of sleeping positions will be satisfied

Absence of chemical retardants


Inappropriate edge support

Too much firmness for someones

Absence of organic component

check out loom and leaf mattress on loomandleaf.com

Casper mattress

The company has launched their mattress to the market not so long time ago, in 2014. Due to massive commercials, it has become popular quite quickly.
However, you will discover further – is its popularity really trustworthy? Below there are some factors which allow to include this mattress to our list best of the best from memory foam mattresses.

Here is the deal: Layers
Top layer plays the crucial role as it is the first one you feel while you are sleeping. Responsive poly foam is able to provide the required cooling effect as it should temperature balance at night.
Next layer provides pressure relief. Any heat retention will be avoided due to it placed under the first layer.
The transitional layer is made of polyfoam also.
Base foam is vital due to its support characteristics. It provides support for all above layers.
The cover looks simple but can gladden you by its softness and stretchy effect. Thin and pleasant with white color is made in Belgium and the USA.
Casper mattress has 6 out of 10 scale of firmness. It means it is able to suit to most sleepers who prefer medium firm mattress.

What is really great with that mattress?

Casper has found the balance between quality and affordable price. Such crucial factor is able to satisfy the wide audience of versatile sleepers.

What is wrong with that mattress?

The Casper bed is delivered tightly shrink-wrapped in a relatively small box.


Great value for money

Medium firmness satisfying the most sleepers

Soft cover

Cooling effect from top layer


A bit smell the first day after unpackaging

check out this mattress on amazon

Saatva mattress

Saatva mattress

Most of above companies are able to propose you mattresses made of foam totally. Now you are meeting with a producer who set themselves up like an ultra-premium brand with a coil-on-coil system incorporating memory foam. Let’s look closer on differences of Saatva mattress from other ones and how this brand has become the best mattress 2017-2018 from innerspring mattresses.

Now: Layers
Top layer plays the crucial role and makes 2 functions – due to organic material, it is able to breathe and has the smooth feeling. Excellent comfort is that you are expected to get deservedly.
The second layer which is made of thin memory foam provides support for the most vulnerable part – lumbar.
Next layer, the third one, makes this mattress not just good, but best of the best in the respective category. The thing is that there are 884 coils individually wrapped with foam which contour your body gently. All of these factors provide required fantastic support. Despite your sleeping position, you will be satisfied fully.
The last layer exists only for primary support. 416 steel coils are specially designed from traditional hourglass and play the foundational role.
There is one more layer which protects the coils and assures support even on the edges while you are sleeping or sitting on them. It is made of foam.
Saatva knows their stuff and looks after about their customer. The proof lies in the cover. It is smooth, and it can breathe thanks to high-quality organic cotton. You feel beautiful and luxurious texture that relevant to luxury versions of their foam mattresses.
One more great advantage that stands out Saatva from other producers is pillow top made in Euro-style. What does it mean? Firstly, it is entirely seamless at the edge and implemented to organic cover. It is completely different from large pillows produced by other companies.
You can be guaranteed by their durability. After re-design in 2016, the cover looks prettier due to its fantastic pattern and moreover, support for the lumbar area.
Here is the deal:
Saatva can suggest you three variants of firmness:

  • soft mattress with 3,5 out of 10 scales on the firmness scale;
  • the middle version with 6 out of 10;
  • and the firmest option (8 out of 10).

Such great wide proposal means that all these variants are able to satisfy all kinds of possible sleepers. If you prefer when mattress “hugs” you and you are the side sleeper, then a soft option is for you. In case you prefer balance and like to switch your positions throughout the night, then please choose a medium option. If your sleeping position is on the stomach or on the back, and you adore “floating” on the top, you are lucky, you have the firmest ever option.

What is really great with that mattress?

There a few great advantages which differ Saatva mattress from other ones: it is suitable for all sleeping positions, you are guaranteed by edge support, cooling effect and luxurious feeling of high-quality organic materials including euro-style top pillow.

What is wrong with that mattress?

I constantly disturbed my partner when I was changing a position.


100% Organic cover

Suitable for all sleeping positions

Edge support

Luxurious feeling of euro-style top pillow

3 options of firmness

Cooling top layer


Partner’s frustration

check out saatva mattress on saatvamattress.com

Latex Hybrid from Nest Bedding

Latex Hybrid by Nest Bedding

Above we have been discovering one hybrid mattress from Nest Bedding and here we have chosen their best mattress 2017-2018 in the category of Latex mattresses. It is Nest’s new mattress which should bring solutions to the issue of combination natural latex and affordable price. Below you will find it out.

The top wool layer is specially designed to provide you a cooling effect for your comfort sleep at sleep.
Second layer – natural latex Dunlop – assures you with pressure relief. Latex is excellent material giving you bounce and cool response. And it plays a transitional role between the first layer and its base.
Pocketed coils layer gives deep compression support. 1100 coils placed in 5 different zones provide you high support where you need it.
The cover is designed from wool material and organic cotton. Wool has the possibility to put heat away from you. Organic cotton helps you to feel the incredible softness and pleasant feeling from breathable material. One additional bonus is ready for you – possibility to be unzipped entirely. Moreover, you can use handles in case of necessity to move mattress around.
If talking about firmness level, Nest bedding proposes you two options – 6 out of 10 scale, which runs the gamut of the most sleeping position. 9 out of 10 is the firmest option preferable to those sleepers who like the feeling of “floating” on the mattress.
Anyway, this kind of mattress has the balance of required hug and sinkage. Comparing to other kinds of mattresses produced by Nest, latex hybrid one offers you wonderful feeling of rounded contour.

What is really great with that mattress?

With exceptional bounce and organic material, a super balance of required support, pleasant comfort, the crucial cooling effect due to an overwhelming combination of pocketed coils, wool and latex, this mattress is suitable for you totally.

What is wrong with that mattress?

Nest Bedding does not offer a trial period or refunds for international orders. You will meet some motion transfer here and heat retention is still available.


Breathable wool

Zoned pocketed coils

Organic cotton

Suitable for all sleeping positions

Edge support

Natural latex


No trial period and refund for international orders

Motion transfer

Latex doesn’t provide as good as pressure relief as foam

check out latex hybrid mattress on nestbedding.com

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding mattress

Of course, you can’t pass by latex mattress designed by Brooklyn Bedding as this company has already been on the market for 20 years! This year they presented the renewed design and here you will explore is this model worth such reward like “best mattress ever”.
Please let me remind you that Brooklyn Bedding is one of those producers who really own their own factory (not just have relationships with manufacturers). It allows them to design about 1600 mattresses per day, an amazing number, aren’t they? Moreover, it is the freedom of all actions connected with costs, respective price and quality of the material. Therefore, customers can be confident in more attractive price for them.

You might be wondering about construction, please follow me:
Please salute TitanFlex foam which is the great substitute of latex in the top layer. It helps you to feel desirable comfort and required cooling effect at night.
A middle layer made of the same material as the top one is firmer and able to provide you with excellent bounce.
Foundational foam in base layer gives you necessary support, and it is 3 times higher.
The cover which is made of quilted cotton polyester in two pleasant colors – white and blue – gives breathable effect and extreme smoothness.
Brooklyn Bedding suggests you three variants of firmness:

  • soft mattress with 4 out of 10 scales on the firmness scale;
  • the middle version with 6 out of 10;
  • and the firmest option (8 out of 10).

It means that producer takes care about all sleeping positions and you can be confident in proper support no matter what kind of firmness you will choose. Thanks to their own technology designed this year, a TitanFlex foam is able to propose you more durability and better cooling effect compared to latex.

What is really great with that mattress?

Brooklyn Bedding can guarantees you balanced body contour, great response, and bounce and impressive low price for high-quality materials.

What is wrong with that mattress?

Unpleasant surprise for me as a side sleeper as it is not comfortable.


Breathable cover

Own designed material TitanFlex foam

Great bounce and response

3 options of firmness


It is not comfortable for side sleepers

Unpleasant sagging

check out brooklyn bedding on nestbedding.com

Purple mattress

purple mattress review

Last but not least, you will be advised about mattress with a new innovated material – hyper-elastic polymer- provided by the Purple brand. While you are confusing about what kind of mattress-foam or innerspring-you should choose, this brand is able to propose you something fascinating. That’s why it was included in the list of best mattresses 2017-2018.

Let’s begin to explore it from layers.
The first layer is contained in a hyperelastic polymer, which is designed specially to provide the best sleeping experience thanks to the creation of required cooling effect. Comfort is guaranteed to you as well.
The second layer plays transitional support. Support with deep compression is possible due to polyurethane foam.
The third layer was designed by the producer for the great foundation and used polyurethane foam as well.
Such excellent combination of versatile materials as viscose, polyester, and polyester-lycra make cover breathable highly, smooth and with stretchy effect. So soft cover with hyperelastic polymer works correctly and help you to sleep comfortably with proper temperature.
Purple brand decided to satisfy the most sleepers with diverse positions and made a mattress with a middle level of firmness -6-6.5 out of 10 scales.
The general impression from the mattress is excellent due to comfort while you are laying on it along with stable support provided by innovative technology. Characteristics of the polymer are similar to latex and even better.

What is really great with that mattress?

The polymer material along with design greed is able to keep motion energy isolated, to provide with unbelievable bounce and rounded contour. Please add the cooling effect from polymer and the breathable cover and you will get the best mattress in the respective category.

What is wrong with that mattress?

Someone, who prefer soft or firm mattress, can’t like only one level of firmness provided by the producer. Moreover, I was unpleasantly surprised by minimal support while I was sitting on the edge. The weight of materials is impressively heavy.


Cool innovative polymer elastic layer

Great bounce

Breathable cover

Minimal motion transfer

Rounded contour


Only one level of firmness

Poor edge support


check out this mattress on amazon

What type of mattress is the best?

If you start to think about changing of your old mattress, then you will probably need to know how to choose a new bed, especially nowadays, at time of a wide range of varied types.
Below I will help you to consider all crucial factors before you make proper choice fit right for you. Factors can be the following:

  1. The durability of a mattress.
  2. Type of the mattress.
  3. Planned funds.
  4. The firmness of a mattress.
  5. Your sleeping position.

Let’s start from durability, lifetime for mattress depends on its type. Latex type has the most lifetime comparing to other types -12 years. Memory foam and hybrid are able to live about 10 years. And 8 years is the common lifetime for innerspring mattresses.
Now you will explore about versatile types to define what kind of mattress is suitable for you.

  • Innerspring mattresses are widespread and still famous thanks to the structure of coils
    supporting you properly and affordable price. Their firmness is enough for support even of overweight people. So doesn’t matter how many coils are inside, you can be confident in their proper work. My best choice from innerspring mattresses is Saatva.
    Please read a full review here.
  • Memory foam mattresses are becoming more and more popular due to different width of foam layers which can give you comfort. The contour of your body is in perfect condition. Moreover, you can forget about the pain in the back, and your partner will not disturb you anymore at night due to mattress’ possibility to absorb any movement. Of course, they have some disadvantages such as heat increases during the night and possibility to emanate a discernible smell. But here I have collected the cream of the crop from memory mattresses (you can even choose from three of them), so I’m confident that you will not have such problems.
  • As you have found out, latex mattresses have the most extended durability. Moreover, due to characteristics of a material, you will be amazed by its excellent support and soft comfort. Latex material provides quite strong firmness, so if you don’t like such feeling, maybe, then, it is not for you.
  • Hybrid mattresses are perfect for a person, who desires to combine advantages of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. Such brand as Nest Bedding has done all possible to provide these pros into life.
  • One more type which I have outlined before is still a new one on the market. I’m sure it
    will become more popular thanks to similarity to latex material advantages but costs a
    bit cheaper. I’m talking about elastic polymer mattresses, which suggest great bounce, breathable and cooling effect, rounded contour and minimal motion transfer.

You might be wondering:
After you have defined the type which will be suitable for you and even selected preliminary some brands which you liked, you can face the problem of money invested. I mean that you are obligatory to divert a sum for these needs. Good news is that you don’t have to overpay thanks to generous proposals of various online shops. Companies with online business understand the importance of further development and try to make their mattresses better and better. It means that you have an opportunity to purchase the mattress with excellent characteristics for affordable price nowadays.
Moreover, you should make small, but crucial notice for yourself that quality is not connected only with high price. Mattresses with the cost around one thousand dollars can satisfy almost all your needs. In the same time, please don’t spend less than six hundred dollars as you will not get high quality and will receive even some toxic materials instead. You know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.
Next above-mentioned factor is firmness. What do you need to know about it? What influence does it have to your sleep?
Crucial understanding lies in your feeling of how selected mattress soft or firm for you.
Firmness is connected directly with respective comfort while you are sleeping. Such feeling is quite individual. Please do not mix up with required support. If you don’t feel pain in the morning, then your mattress can provide with good support (when your spine is in proper condition without any pressure points). It doesn’t matter is the mattress either soft or hard or middle, all variants of firmness can give you proper support.
Preferred firmness satisfying all sleeping positions is usually from 4 to 7 out of 10 scales, where
is 10 is the firmest option.
Sleeping position is also vital to point in the searching process. If you know your personal position (side, back or stomach), it will be much easier for you to be oriented in respective firmness and own needs.
For example, firmness with 3-6 range out of 10 (from soft till medium) is the ideal variant for side sleepers as the mattress is able to provide excellent support for your neck and back.
Mattress with such firmness can contour to the shape of their body.

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A firmness level with 4-7 range is suitable for back sleepers as they can count on enough softness and at the same time, great support.
Stomach sleepers are needed in equal support of their body. That’s why mattress in the 5-7 range is a beautiful option for them.

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You have just been advised about the best mattresses in such categories as:

  • Memory foam mattress
  • Innerspring mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Elastic polymer

Additional Resources:

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All these categories are widely spread on the mattresses’ market now. So you can be confident about the latest updated information required for your consideration.
In this article, I tried to review top rated 8 mattresses destined for people with versatile sleeping positions. Please do not hesitate to take into account above factors which have the impact on your comfortable sleep. You have been aware of crucial points which should be obligatory for you in the selection process. All mentioned producers are ready to make required support and desirable comfort available to you. By selecting one of them, you should be delighted with your decision. If you add valuable information how to choose a proper mattress for you, you will get what you need and desire and even more.
From my point of view, it is quite complicated to make an easy choice from above list. But let’s try to do it. I would let myself to feel all advantages from mattresses designed by Leesa. Their company has a remarkable reputation on the market. Their high-quality mattresses from natural materials are designed specially to satisfy needs of the most of the sleepers.
Their service is directed personally to you can gain your heart. Leesa can be an excellent assistant for your sleep.
One more brand that is worthy of your attention is Saatva. They comprise two popular categories: memory foam ( Loom and Leaf ) and innerspring mattresses (Saatva), which means that their company is able to cover wide specter of diverse sleepers. Moreover, Saatva can gladden you by their natural materials, proper edge support, it is suitable for all sleeping positions.
Have you already picked your personal favorite? Share your opinion in the comments!

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  • Joyce W
    Jun 2, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    I’ve tried quite a few mattresses and found that the firm mattresses work best for me because of my back, neck, and shoulders as I cannot use anything too soft.

  • Susan
    Jun 19, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    I’m unfamiliar with the mattresses listed, but I know someone with back pain that’s in the market for a new mattress. Any suggestions? I know it needs to be a firm one for sure, but they also want something comfortable at the same time.

  • Helen Baker
    Jul 2, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    My kids barely sleep when they dislike a mattress. I was surprised when my little princess slept while standing.

    I eventually got the Leesa mattress and they seem to like it more. Lately, it’s all about playing and fun. Nice one.

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