Best Innerspring Mattress

Wouldn’t you agree that it is complicated in fact to find proper innerspring mattress which is able to satisfy your needs?

I sincerely recommend you to join me on our adventure where you get to know advantages and disadvantages of each of these mattresses and decide which one is the most suitable for you.

I have great news for you! You make your sleep uninterrupted and comfortable if follow the further reviews about 7 the best innerspring mattresses on the market.

Company name
DreamCloudInnerspringHigh-density memory foam base layer;
Foam-encased pocketed micro coils;
Dense memory foam layer;
Supportive memory foam;
Natural latex layer;
Soft quilted memory foam;
Gel-infused memory foam layer;
Cashmere blend cover.
Lifetime warranty365 nights
WinkbedsInnerspring2.0″ pillow top
2.5″ foam encased coils
7.5″ high profile coils
2.0″ support foam
10 years101 nights
AvocadoInnerspring + latexBase support core (fabric-encased coil system);
Double latex layer;
Wool padding;
Cotton cover.
25 year warranty100 nights
SaatvaInnerspring0,5”Memory foam
4”Coils in foam
7”Steel coils
5” Support foam
15 years120 nights
Bloom by Brooklyn BeddingInnerspringTencel Stretch Knit Cover
2-inch Gel Memory Foam
2.5-inch Individually Wrapped Microcoils
2-inch Airlux Foam
8-inch Individually Wrapped Base Coils
25 years120 nights
Modway JennaInnerspringquilted polyester cover
1” responsive foam
0.9” convoluted foam
felt liner
7.2” individually wrapped coils
1 yearNot specified
Aviya MattressInnerspring1" layer of high-density breathable comfort foam
3" thick foam
15-gauge steel coils
1" thick stability layer
10 years100 nights

Editor’s Choice – Best Innerspring Mattress for Side Sleepers

DeamCloud Mattress


It combines the most popular materials (coils, foam, latex, and even gel) and brings out their best features. This bed is very nicely crafted, feels very comfortable, and has a unique feel. Combined with a lifetime warranty and an extra-long trial period, this model deserves to be called the top-rated innerspring mattress.

Take a look at the layers:

  • High-density support memory foam serves as a foundation of the bed and helps with motion transfer reduction.
  • Patent-pending “Best Rest” coils feature a five-zoned design and provide superb support. These micro coils are foam-encased and help with movement isolation too.
  • Super Dense Super Soft memory foam offers both support and cradling for the protruding parts of your body.
  • “Dream Plush” supporting memory foam easily adjusts to your body and provides deep cradling.
  • Supreme natural latex offers some bounce and rather responsive cushioning. It prevents users from feeling stuck in the foam.
  • Super soft quilted memory foam gives sleepers that feeling of lying on a cloud.
  • Gel-infused memory foam offers both good contouring support and cooling.
  • Tufted cashmere blend Euro top combines polyester and cashmere and feels luxuriously pleasant to the touch. This cover is hand-tufted and offers great breathability.

Obviously, the coolest thing about DreamCloud is its construction. This mattress has eight (!) different layers and implements all the popular mattress materials, trying to use only their best qualities. And let me tell you this:

Such a construction really works! This innerspring is very comfortable!

What can disappoint you the most about this top-rated innerspring mattress is its lack of versatility. Let me explain:

There are only four sizes available now (no Twin and Twin XL). Additionally, the mattress comes in only one firmness level, which means it might not work for everyone.


Great construction and comfort levels

Provides a decent amount of cradling while being very supportive

365-night trial and lifelong warranty

Great motion isolation

Nicely made


Only 4 sizes currently available

One firmness option

check out dreamcloud mattress on

Best Durability

WinkBeds Mattress


Winkbeds is a young company who dares to provide you the exceptional mattress which is able to compete successfully with other producers due to their high-quality materials. This model can easily be considered one of the best innerspring mattress for people who sleep on the side thanks to its comfort layer. It offers a generous amount of cradling and gently hugs the shoulders and the hips, allowing for pressure relief and superb comfort.

Let’s look closer to the layers.

The first one is durable euro-style pillow top with the pleasant feeling. Thanks to a combination of gel and HyperSoft foam I felt comfortable cooling effect while I was sleeping. It has a high response to any movement and gently “hugs” you.

The second layer is specially constructed from 1358 coils which provide the superior support. This support is flexible and is able to give the breathable effect also. Density support foam of the third layer gives required support. The absence of sagging is possible thanks to the presence of this layer.

The fourth layer is designed of 858 high-profile tempered steel coils. It provides consistent support even for heavy people. Thanks to cotton mesh coils work without noise.

The last layer is constructed from the foam which is the base for all above-mentioned layers.

The cover is like the icing on the cake as it is constructed from the organic fiber derived from the Eucalyptus tree. The benefit is in breathability and smoothness. It has a certificate which proves usability for kids. A nice bonus is the possibility to absorb any moisture if it appears throughout the night.

I tested the medium version, which comes in at 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most firm). It is the most balanced and comfortable version. If you prefer softer or firmer options, please choose 4.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale and 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale respectively. Heavier sleepers can’t be worried thanks to excellent deep compression support.

What is really great with that mattress?

Wonderful delivery and setup service, organic and certified cover, three versatile firmness options, cooling effect from the top layer make you sleep comfortable and uninterrupted

What is wrong with that mattress?

It can be a light problem with back pain for heavy people and it is not convenient for the couple due to bad motion transfer. If you wished to return it, it would cause trouble for you as company connected with the third party


Improved bounce

Soft, medium and firm levels for side, back and stomach sleepers

Balanced feeling of pillow top

Delivered and setup by a team

Excellent service

No heat


Back pain for heavy people

Motion transfer is not on the best leve

Tricky return process

check out winkbed mattress on

Excellent Natural Innerspring Mattress


Avocado Mattress

If you appreciate sleeping on safe and natural mattresses, this model is definitely suited for you. Avocado features only the “green” components, which means it’s all natural and non-toxic. It is also very nicely constructed and comes in two firmness options (the second one features an extra pillow-top).

Here are the layers:

  • Fabric-encased innersprings. This layer features a Quantum Edge Elite Combi-Zone technology, which involved three zones for proper support and improved ventilation.
  • 100% natural Dunlop latex layer. It includes a 2-inch soft comfort layer and a 1-inch base layer (both latex). It offers a good amount of bounce and responsive pressure relief. Additionally, this layer is naturally antimicrobial and doesn’t sleep hot.
  • New Zealand wool layer. It serves as a natural fire barrier. Additionally, this layer effectively wicks moisture and helps with temperature regulation.
  • Organic cotton cover. Breathable and very pleasant to the touch, the cover is great at moisture wicking, which means you will not sleep hot on this mattress.

The coolest thing about Avocado is, of course, its materials. This is one of the most eco-friendly mattresses out there, which is even more impressive given its relatively reasonable price. This mattress is an ideal option for people with sensitive skin, noses, or simply someone who prefers using only natural materials in their everyday life.

The biggest drawback is that the coils might make a noise when you move on the mattress. Even though they are placed under the comfort level, they still might make a squeaky sound. Of course, it isn’t that loud but might still annoy some users.


Safe and natural materials

Very nicely made

Excellent edge support

Great support and pressure relief

Two firmness levels (with an extra pillow top)


The coils might be noisy

May be too pricey for some users

check out avocado mattress on

Best Luxury Innerspring Mattress

Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattress is included in this list because of it is an ultra-premium brand with a coil-on-coil system incorporating memory foam. When buying this mattress, you can be sure that even though it’s reasonably priced, you will still be able to enjoy great comfort levels. Saatva is very nicely made and has a smart combination of layers. 

Now: Layers

The organic material of the first layer is able to breathe and has the incredible smoothness. Luxurious comfort is deserved by you.

Lumbar part is properly supported by thin memory foam incorporated in the second layer.

884 coils individually wrapped with foam which contours your body gently meet you in the third layer. Overwhelming support is guaranteed.

Base layer plays a supportive role. 416 steel coils are specially designed from traditional hourglass to provide your sleep satisfied.

One more foam layer which protects the coils and assures gives support even on the edges while you are sleeping or sitting on them.

The design of the cover proves that Saatva is able to provide luxurious service. It is smooth and has breathable organic cotton made of quality material with nice texture.

Saatva can propose one excellent bonus – pillow top made in euro-style. It is completely different from other companies. You can be assured of its durability and seamlessness at the edge and implemented organic cover. The cover looks more luxurious after re-design due to its wonderful pattern.

Now: Firmness

You can choose from the following variants: a plush soft mattress with 3,5 out of 10 scale on the firmness scale. This option is ideal for the side sleeper who likes hugs of the mattress during the sleep. The middle version – luxury firm- with 6 out of 10 is perfect for you if you like to switch your positions throughout the night; the firmest option (8 out of 10) is able to provide floating sleep for back or stomach sleepers.

What is really great with that mattress?

Saatva mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions. You are guaranteed by edge support, cooling effect and luxurious feeling of high-quality organic materials including euro-style top pillow.

What is wrong with that mattress?

It can be too firm for some sleepers. One more discomfort is in motion transfer while you are sleeping with your partner.


Three versatile possible options of firmness

Edge support

Cooling effect

Organic material

Euro-style pillow type

Better support in the middle section


Terrible motion transfer

Too much firmness

Check out Saatva mattress on

Best for Cooler Sleep

Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding

Bloom Mattress

For those who are tired of waking up sweaty, I’ve got this mattress by Brooklyn Bedding. It has breathable construction, which is additionally enhanced by natural materials for even more refreshing sleep.

Now, let’s take a look at the layers:

  • 1” high-density memory foam serves as a base layer, supporting the coil block.
  • 8” pocketed coils are the supportive core of this mattress. Individually wrapped coils can offer more precise contouring and motion control.
  • 3” Talalay latex layer provides you with the needed amount of cradling and allows for better airflow between you and the mattress so that you would sleep cool.
  • 1.25” layer of organic cotton with quilted wool aid in moisture removal and support thermoregulation during the night.

As you can see, Bloom can become an excellent mattress for those who are struggling with hot flashes or live in a hot climate. A breathable coil system topped with a combo of natural materials works best at dissipating excess body heat without sacrificing comfort.

Yet, I want to warn you about the downside of this mattress. Innerspring beds are typically bouncy, but in this model, we have both latex and coils, which results in pretty high motion transfer. Keep this in mind if you share a bed with a restless sleeper.


Natural materials

Sleeps incredibly cool

Three firmness options

Good for multiple sleep positions

Suitable for people with allergies


High motion response

On a pricier side

check out bloom mattress on

Best Cheap Innerspring Mattress

Modway Jenna

Modway Jenna

The next option I want to present to you in my review of the best innerspring mattresses for side sleepers is the Jenna by Modway. Its main advantage is the low price, which, however, doesn’t mean that you’ll get a low-quality bed that will start to poke you with springs within the first year of use. The Jenna is made of high-grade materials and features thoughtful design, so you may expect proper spine support and incredible comfort during sleep.

Now, let’s see what this innerspring mattress is made of:

  • Individually wrapped coils. These are encased in linen shells, so they ensure the breathability of the whole mattress construction and offer you uniform support.
  • Felt liner. This is a flame retardant barrier for your safety.
  • Egg-crate foam. This material promotes air circulation between the layers and helps transfer your body weight to the coil base.
  • Responsive foam. 1 inch of thickness is enough to support the proper spine alignment in almost every sleeping position.
  • Quilted polyester cover with sewn-in pillow-top. The pillow-top layer adjusts to your body curves and allows you to drift off in minutes.

The thing that impressed me the most about the Jenna is its price tag. I mean, it’s nearly impossible to find a really good mattress this cheap, so grab it as soon as you can because it’s the deal of the century.

Now, the Modway does have one small issue. The manufacturer sends the mattresses compressed in a box, and it takes quite a time to unfold completely after you unpack it. Our mattress has been expanding for two days, for example. So, you need to be patient and let it sit before you can sleep on it.


Great price

Breathable construction

Offers a decent hug

Good edge support

Has no odor


Takes time to expand completely

Might feel too bouncy for some

check out this mattress on amazon

Great Value for Money

Aviya Mattress

Aviya Mattress

Aviya has all the chances to become your most favorite bed. This innerspring mattress is affordable, comes in different firmness options, and offers great comfort levels. This is a luxury mattress, which costs like a regular one. And here’s the kicker:

Because there are different firmness options available, Aviya is suitable for all sleeping positions.

To me, that’s a great set of awesome features.

Let’s look at its construction:

  • Stability layer. Being 1 inch thick, this foam layer offers more stability and makes for a proper weight distribution.
  • Individually wrapped innerspring core. The steel coils are high-quality and durable. They can handle a lot of weight and offer great support levels.
  • Premium foam edging encasement. Measuring 3 inches, this layer runs all around the mattress and offers great edge support. This means a larger sleeping area for users.
  • Support foam layer. This one serves to cradle your pressure points and offer good lumbar support.
  • No-sag comfort foam layer. This layer is made of high-density foam. It is rather hugging and adds some extra comfort so that you could feel like sleeping on a cloud (but with proper support, of course).
  • Cooling foam layer. It features a combination of Aviya’s premium quilting and a 1-inch high-density foam layer. It offers pleasant cushioning and great pressure relief.
  • Cover. Made of organic cotton, the cover is very soft and pleasant to the touch, plus it’s breathable and great at wicking the moisture away.

The absolute best thing about Aviya is its value. This mattress is a real steal, in my opinion. It is very nicely made, features high-quality components, and feels very comfortable. Additionally, it is quite versatile and suitable for different users since it comes in three firmness levels. Given its affordability, I think this model offers a great value for money.

The worst part is the company’s reputation. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have thousands of bad reviews. However, the company is rather young (it was launched in 2015) and isn’t that known on the mattress market (compared to the famous “stars” like Leesa or Amerisleep). Besides, there’s no long-term evidence of the mattress’s durability, and this factor may disappoint some users.


Three firmness options

Offers a good balance of support and cradling

Great value for money

Good edge support

Doesn’t make you feel stuck


Company’s reputation isn’t time-tested yet

Motion isolation below average

check out this mattress on amazon

Factors We Look At

Innerspring mattresses aren’t for everyone, but we know that there are people who can really appreciate this mattress type. And to help those people with the search for the best model, we do our own research and testing.

Here are the factors we consider when looking for the best innerspring mattresses:

  • Coil type, count, and gauge. Pocketed, offset, bonnell, and other types of coils have a bit different feel and show different performances. We try to test them the best we can to figure out which construction option feels the best for various sleepers.
  • Firmness. A mattress can have a different feel when used by different people. That’s why we pay close attention to each model’s firmness levels and figure out how it feels for different sleepers.
  • Durability. Innerspring mattresses are considered to be the least durable beds out there. However, we want you to enjoy your comfortable sleep for a long time, so we search for the most durable, well-made mattresses.
  • Noise levels. Coils can be really noisy, that’s a fact. We do our best to find the quietest models, the ones that will not annoy you. And even if we recommend a noisy mattress, we do that only because we believe that its good qualities can compensate for this small issue (and hope that super light sleepers will not use this mattress).
  • Trial. When you have a chance to test your new mattress at home and then return it without a problem, this gives you the freedom to find the perfect model for your personal needs and preferences.
  • Warranty. As long as your mattress is covered by the warranty, you don’t have to worry about any defects popping out of nowhere. You know that the manufacturer will take care of them.
  • Reviews. Different beds don’t work equally well for different users. Therefore, we always pay attention to what other sleepers have to say about certain mattresses. This helps us see the whole picture of how a mattress performs and feels.

FAQ for Innerspring Mattress Buyers

Which innerspring mattress is the best?

Obviously, there isn’t the right answer to this question. We’re all different, and each of us requires something different for their comfort. However, I could surely tell you that all the models I’ve reviewed in this guide are suitable for most average sleepers.

Are pocketed coils better than a solid spring block?

It depends on what you’re expecting from your mattress. If you need more precise contouring and balanced motion response, go for pocketed coils. If you want a sturdier construction with durable edges — an essential thing for couples — then a one-piece coil system may be a better choice.

How long does an innerspring mattress last?

Generally, innerspring beds last between 7 and n10 years; it depends on the quality of materials, the load you put on a mattress, and how actively you utilize it.

What’s the difference between innerspring and hybrid?

The main difference between a hybrid and an innerspring bed lies in the number of comfort layers. In a hybrid, you can see up to 5-8 various comfort layers above the spring block, which results in a balanced feel, while an innerspring bed can only offer just a couple of top layers.

Does an innerspring mattress sag?

Well, every bed may sag over time, and innersprings are no exception. Still, they are sturdier and more uniform than many memory foam beds. You can prolong the life of your mattress by using a box spring.

Innerspring Mattresses and Their Types

You already know that innerspring mattresses are the oldest type of bed. But don’t assume that they are all the same, simple and ordinary. There are many different types of innerspring beds, and we are going to learn about some of them.Coils in Innerspring Mattresses

Spring mattresses can be divided into these types according to the coils used in their construction. They include:

  • Pocketed coils. These coils are individually wrapped (in fabric, usually, but there are some models with foam-encased coils). This type offers a wider response range and tends to provide a plush-firm feel. These coils are also rather contouring and good at motion isolation. However, they might not be that durable, especially in cheaper models.
  • Bonnell coils. These have an hourglass shape, with the middle section being thinner. Mattresses with such coils are usually quite inexpensive and come in a wide variety of firmness levels. However, they are not durable, with a lifespan of around 3-5 years.
  • Offset coils. This type is characterized by a rather special structure, which results in higher-quality coils. It features a combination of larger coils and smaller wires, which are hinged on the top. Such a build can withstand a lot of weight better than other coil types. It’s more durable but more expensive too.
  • Continuous coils. A simple continuous wire is made into rows, which are attached using helicals. That’s what continuous coils are. They are simple, cheap, and offer a rather firm support. They work great with thick comfort layers and are good at motion isolation. At the same time, continuous coils aren’t that good at contouring.
  • Microcoils. They are usually used in the comfort layers, alongside with other coil types. Microcoils are made of thinner and very flexible wires, which allows them to offer pressure relief and the ability to adapt to your body shape. They are also cheaper than other comfort layer materials (foam or latex, for instance) and can be very durable. However, they are pricier than other coil types, so such mattresses aren’t the best option for people on a tight budget.

“You will also see the term “coil gauge”. It determines the thickness of the metal (wire), which is used to form a coil. Typically, you see the numbers 12-15, but there are options with thinner coils (for instance, 18-gauge ones). The bigger the number, the softer your mattress will feel. So, if you need a firm model, go with a 12-gauge one. If you need something softer but bouncy, a 14-gauge option would probably work for you.”

Benefits of Innerspring Mattresses

Even though innerspring mattresses aren’t the most popular option today, they still have some cool things to offer. In fact, there are many benefits of sleeping on an innerspring mattress, including:

  • Great bounce and response. Innerspring mattresses don’t make their users feel stuck inside the material. On the contrary: with a spring bed, you sleep on it, not in it (unlike memory foam). And a lot of users appreciate this feature very much. The bounciness of the springs also makes it easier for users to shift and change their position during the night. Plus, such fast responsiveness of the material is great for sex.
  • A wide range of models to choose from. Because spring mattresses used to be the most popular ones for many years, many manufacturers learned how to make various beds with different levels of firmness and support (and with a different feel overall). That’s why we have a huge number of models to pick from.
  • Suitable for all budgets. Seriously, there are innerspring mattresses for any budget. You can find models as cheap as $200. Of course, the luxurious ones also exist and can cost $2,000. So, no matter how much money you have, there’s definitely an innerspring mattress that will work for your wallet.
  • No off-gassing. Unlike memory foam, innerspring mattresses don’t have a harsh odor upon arrival. They usually don’t have any off-gassing at all. Some models may have that “new mattress” smell, but that’s it.
  • Strong edge support. The reinforced edges offer users a wider sleeping area. This makes innerspring mattresses ideal for couples or people who tend to roll over to the sides of the bed during the night.
  • Breathable and cooling. Coil systems allow air to circulate between and inside them easily. This means you will not sleep hot on an innerspring mattress, that’s for sure.

Drawbacks of Innerspring Mattresses

I think you realize that there is no perfect mattress. At least no perfect for everyone. Each type has its own drawbacks, and innerspring is not an exception.

So, while offering some great features, innerspring mattresses have the following flaws:

  • Firmness. Because innerspring beds don’t offer you that hugging, cradling feel, they oftentimes seem to be too firm for some users.
  • Average contouring. Again, because a spring mattress does not hug, it cannot provide you with superb contouring, which means its pressure and pain relieving properties are below average.
  • Sagging. This isn’t a secret: spring beds become saggy after years of usage. They also have the shortest lifespan among other bed types and usually serve their users for around 5-6 years (hence the affordable pricing, I suppose).
  • Noise. This feature can annoy many users, and honestly, I understand why. Coils might make a squeaky noise every time you move on the mattress and may even disturb you during sleep. Of course, modern manufacturers come up with new ways to make the coils less noisy, so not all models are that bad.

Is Innerspring Really for You?

Here’s the deal:

I understand that innerspring might not be for everyone. However, I also know that there are many sleepers who might really, really love an innerspring bed.

So, let’s see, whom this mattress type is the most suited for. Innerspring mattresses are for you if you:

  • Appreciate a good bounce. Innerspring mattresses offer a fast response, so if you want that bouncy feel, this type is perfect for you.
  • Prefer a more traditional feel. In my humble opinion, spring beds have the most traditional feel. Classic, if you will.
  • Hate sleeping hot. Coil systems allow the air to circulate freely, which means innerspring mattresses do not sleep hot. Additionally, they don’t hug you (like memory foam, for example), which means no extra warmth and a more restful sleep.
  • Don’t mind buying a new mattress every 5 years. I mean, nothing can compare to sleeping on a brand new, “fresh” mattress. So why not allow yourself to do that more often? Especially given the fact that innerspring mattresses aren’t that expensive. Which brings us to the next point…
  • Want a budget-friendly bed. Again, spring beds come in various designs and for different prices. They can be as cheap and $200, so there’s definitely an option for you if you have a tight budget.
  • Don’t need much contouring. If you have hurting joints or even worse, arthritis, innerspring mattresses aren’t for you. However, if you don’t need that cradling and sinkage, you’re good to go.
  • Hate the feeling of being stuck in the mattress. If you prefer to kind of float on top of your mattress, then innerspring is definitely suited for you.

What are your thoughts on innerspring beds? And have you already picked your favorite one? Let us know in the comments!

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