Best Murphy Beds

Want to arrange a comfortable sleeping space but have to literally fight for every inch of the floor in the room?

I can imagine the struggle.

Luckily, there was this guy, William Lawrence Murphy, who invented an amazing space-saving mechanism for a disappearing bed, which today is known as a Murphy bed (or, a wall bed).

So, if you’re short on space, check out my reviews of 5 best Murphy beds and a buying guide below, to make sure you’ll choose the right one.

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Our Reviews of 5 Best Wall Beds on the Market

Best Murphy Bed — Editor’s Choice



The Edge by BESTAR proudly holds the top place in my review of the best Murphy beds simply because it has everything. By purchasing this bed, you’ll get a supportive surface for your mattress and a full-fledged storage kit that will come in handy in a small apartment.

The bed features a piston lift mechanism, which helps you lift and deploy it in seconds without much effort. Also, this mechanism keeps the bed secure in both positions, so it won’t accidentally collapse on you.

The Edge wall bed niche can accommodate a Queen-size mattress between 8 and 12 inches high, which is a standard pick for most beds, so you won’t feel any differences in terms of comfort. 

Also, the bed has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs, which is more than enough to safely support a heavy sleeper or even a heavy couple and the mattress.

The thing that impressed me the most about the Edge Murphy bed is its efficient design. Durable and quiet, it features a roomy storage kit and saves you a lot of space. I mean, what else could you ask for?

The thing that bothered me a bit is that you will need three people for assembly, and the manufacturer even points this out. So, if you live alone, you need to recruit someone to help you.


Spacious storage kit

1,000-pound weight capacity

Durable piston lift mechanism

Suitable for heavy single sleepers and couples

Three colors available


Requires 3 people for assembly

Pretty heavy

Overall, I enjoyed testing this model and recommend it to anyone who looks for a compact alternative to a standard bed for a small bedroom or studio apartment.

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Best Queen Murphy Bed

Night and Day Clover

Night and Day Clover

While looking for the best wall beds, I came across this compact cabinet bed by Night and Day and decided to test it. And I should admit, I loved everything about it. But what I loved the most is that it comes with a tri-fold gel memory foam Queen mattress, so you get a complete solution for your sleep problem!

When folded, this bed turns into a nice drawer that you can use as a stand for your TV. Also, the bed frame itself is made almost entirely from solid hardwood. This material is very durable and can withstand years of active use without breaking.

Finally, the Queen Murphy bed by Day and Night doesn’t require wall drilling and punching holes, so it can be a good pick for a rented apartment.

The thing I loved the most, obviously, was that this Murphy bed comes with a Queen-size mattress. If you don’t want to spend time shopping for a mattress yourself, it’s a perfect solution. Besides, the mattress is really comfortable and cradling. Be sure to allow it to expand completely, though.

The downside of this bed is that the wooden parts might start to jam over time, making it more difficult to unfold the bed. Some users reported this issue, but you can prevent this by checking the joints and greasing them regularly.


Includes a Queen-size memory foam mattress

Compact design

Can be used as a TV stand while folded

Made of durable hardwood

Three colors available


Might start to jam over time

The varnish on the pieces scratches off very easy

I believe that the Clover by Night and Day is a perfect choice for those who want to sleep on a Queen-size mattress without losing all the space.

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Best Full-Size Murphy Bed



And here comes another BESTAR model in my review of the best Murphy beds. This wall bed easily can hold a Full-size mattress. Plus, it has a sleek, minimalistic design, which makes it a good fit for loft and modern interiors.

The dual-piston system makes deploying and folding this Full-size Murphy bed as easy as pie. Moreover, the piston mechanism is precisely calibrated to keep the bed open and won’t suddenly collapse on your head.

According to the manufacturer, the mounting system of the Nebula is designed to withstand active exploitation, so you can expect a prolonged lifespan.

The greatest thing about this wall bed is that it’s compact and minimalistic. A Full-size mattress can perfectly accommodate two sleepers but won’t take as much space as the Queen size would. So, this model is the best fit for small apartments.

As for the drawbacks, this model doesn’t feature any storage units, which means that you’ll have to arrange the storage space by yourself. This might be a turn-off for some users.


Compatible with any Full-size mattress

Weight capacity of 1,000 lbs

Available in different designs

Dual-piston system for easy folding and deploying

Long-lasting mounting mechanism


No storage

Requires 3 people for assembly

Overall, the Nebula is a worthy purchase. It’s durable, minimalistic, easy to use even for kids, and it will last you for years.

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Best Murphy Bed for Guests

Atlantic Furniture Deerfield

Atlantic Furniture Deerfield

The Atlantic Furniture cabinet bed is the next contestant in my review of the best wall beds. It will make a great pick for those who love hosting guests and want to arrange a comfortable sleeping space without having to install a bulky bed.

So, the bed includes a low-profile gel memory foam mattress. It measured 6 inches after expansion and gave me a perfect shut-eye. Also, it has a medium feel and will suit petite and average sleepers.

Speaking of the bed frame, it’s sturdy and made of hardwood, so you can expect great durability. Also, I was testing the Deerfield model, but there are five different styles and six colors available, so you can easily find the one that will fit into your interior.

Another great thing about the Atlantic Furniture cabinet bed is two built-in USB ports, so you can place an alarm clock or charge your phone without leaving the bed.

The thing I love the most about this bed is that it allows you to create a comfortable sleeping spot in the guest room without using much space. And when you don’t have any guests to host, it will look like a natural part of the interior.

The only issue I’ve found is that the mattress might not work for some. It does offer a good level of support, but it’s quite thin and a bit on the softer side. So, some sleepers, especially heavier ones, might feel the slats underneath it.


Great for a guestroom

Various styles and colors available

Includes a memory foam mattress

Easy to assemble and use

Has 2 built-in US ports and 2 110V power outlets


Might not suit a heavy sleeper

Some users report missing parts

Despite some minor flaws, the Atlantic Furniture cabinet bed is a worthy purchase. It’s no worse than a standard bed and can be used for both occasional and regular sleeping.

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Best Cabinet Murphy Bed

Arason Enterprises Creden

Arason Enterprises Creden

The last option in my Murphy bed review is another cabinet bed. And if you need something for a room with low ceilings, you won’t find anything better. The Arason Enterprises measures only 43 inches high and has spacious storage where you can put all of your pillows and blankets.

The Arason Enterprises is a freestanding cabinet, so you don’t have to drill holes in the walls and can move it wherever you want while it’s folded. Also, the top section has a hinge that allows you to open it without removing items from the top of the cabinet.

The bed also arrives with a 6-inch memory foam mattress that is very supportive and comfortable enough to accommodate even a side sleeper without creating pressure points.

The most prominent feature of this bed, in my opinion, is its compact cabinet design. It doesn’t occupy much space and allows you to use it in various ways — say, as a TV stand or a small working desk, which is great for studio apartments and multifunctional rooms.

What I didn’t like, though, is that the cabinet is made of pressed wood rather than hardwood. This may result in lower durability and a shorter lifespan, so keep that in mind.


Compact and stylish design

Has roomy storage for blankets

Doesn’t require wall drilling

Turns into a stand when folded

Memory foam mattress included


Made of the pressed board; may have a shorter lifespan than hardwood models

The mattress may not suit heavy sleepers

To sum it up, I can recommend this cabinet Murphy bed for those who need something classy and versatile. It works perfectly for sleeping and turns into a stylish and practical piece of furniture when not in use.

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How Did Murphy Beds Appear?

A Murphy bed is known under many names. A wall bed, pull-down bed, or fold-down bed — all of these describe the same mechanism. 

But how did it appear?

Well, a wall bed has a fun history. It was invented by William Lawrence Murphy as an attempt to circumvent the moral code of the time that didn’t allow a woman to enter a gentleman’s bedroom. So, Murphy created an elevating mechanism that pulled the bed up and hid it, thereby turning a bedroom into a sitting room. By doing this, the inventor could invite an opera singer he was courting so that they could spend some time together. 

That’s what the legend says.

No wonder wall beds quickly became popular and are quite common even today, especially in small apartments and studios.

“There’s a common misbelief that a Murphy bed is mounted literally inside the wall, which is not true. The average thickness of the wall bed cabinet is about 18 inches, whereas most house walls are about 5-6 inches thick. So, unless you’re living in a castle, mounting the bed inside your wall is impossible.”

What Benefits Do Wall Beds Offer?

Obviously, the key benefit of Murphy beds is their space-saving design. But aside from that, these beds offer:

  • Storage area. Some manufacturers equip their Murphy bed frames with spacious storage units. So, if your bedroom is tiny and you cannot place a drawer or arrange storage boxes, then a good Murphy bed can become an easy solution for minimizing clutter.
  • More floor space. Those who live in block apartments may have very limited space and use one room for different purposes — say, for sleeping and lounging. A fold-down bed can easily help you switch between the ‘sleep’ and ‘play’ modes, without making your room feel cramped.
  • Safety. If you’re concerned that a wall bed may suddenly fall onto you, don’t be. When mounted and assembled properly, these beds stay secure and won’t collapse on your head. Plus, they feature a simple lifting mechanism. Even your kid can handle using it, so you can pair the bed with a comfortable mattress and place it in the kid’s room.

“A Murphy bed makes a great guest bed for occasional sleeping and can offer much more comfort for your visitors than a sofa or floor mattress.”

Types of Murphy Beds and Their Features

The construction of wall beds has remained almost the same since the day they were invented. However, modern technologies have brought some diversity into the market. So, let’s take a closer look at the main types of Murphy beds.

Pull-Down Beds

A more common option on the market, pull-down beds store the mattress in its full size, so you just pull it down, without having to unfold it. They may feature different mechanisms, though:Types of Murphy Beds and Their Features

  • Vertical. This one is what we all imagine when someone says ‘wall bed’. If your bedroom is narrow, a vertical Murphy bed installed along the shorter wall can save you a lot of space. However, this type of wall bed also requires a tall ceiling to fold down, so keep that in mind.
  • Horizontal. A horizontal wall bed is mounted with the longer side facing upwards. So, you can install it in a narrow room with a low ceiling.
  • Revolving. A wall bed with a revolving construction can be both vertical and horizontal. Usually, its one side features a bookshelf that rotates to reveal the bed. Installing this type of a pull-down bed may require more space compared to standard vertical and horizontal Murphy beds.

Cabinet Beds

Cabinet beds are even more space-saving compared to standard wall beds. They generally have a tri-fold construction and come with a foldable memory foam mattress. As the name implies, they turn into a small cabinet when fully closed. Usually, you can use the top surface as well as the drawers at the bottom to store something. 

Other features of cabinet beds include:

  • No need to fix them on the wall. Since cabinet beds unfold in front of you instead of pulling down, they stay pretty secure in both positions. So, you can use them for your kid’s room without worrying that the bed will suddenly collapse.
  • Suitable for rooms with low ceilings. Compact design and foldable construction don’t require much height and save your room space.
  • More affordable. Cabinet Murphy beds are often more budget-friendly than pull-down beds, due to the simpler mechanisms and fewer materials used. So, if you’re searching for a compact and affordable alternative to a standard bed with the same amount of comfort, you may go with a cabinet bed.

How to Choose the Right Murphy Bed?

Details make perfection.How to Choose the Right Murphy Bed

This applies to everything, and choosing a Murphy bed that will meet your demands is no exception.

So, let me give you a brief cheat sheet of important details you need to consider before you make a purchase:

  • Lifting mechanism. The mechanism ensures smooth opening and closing of your wall bed. There are two types of lift mechanisms: piston lift and spring lift. The former is more expensive and more preferable because once you mount it, it requires no further adjustments and can serve you literally forever. The spring lift mechanism is cheaper, but as with any springs, it may become weaker over time, so you may have to tighten it regularly.
  • Fastening. If you are renting an apartment, your landlord might be against drilling the walls, so you may want to look for models that require no mounting, such as cabinet beds or some models of horizontal murphy beds.
  • Weight capacity. Your wall bed should be able to hold your weight, the weight of your partner, and the mattress. Thankfully, most of the quality Murphy beds today are designed with a good safety margin, and their weight capacity starts at 600 lbs for a Queen, which is enough to accommodate an average couple.
  • Mattress height. Wall beds are compatible with any mattress type you can find today. Speaking of the height, which can vary significantly depending on the type of the mattress, there are some limitations. Most of the pull-down beds can fit a mattress up to 10 inches high. So, if you’re a fan of high-profile beds, then a Murphy bed might not be the best choice for you.

“Keep in mind that even though most wall beds can be assembled pretty easily, you still have to recruit someone to help you do the job. The parts of the cabinet can be pretty heavy, so you need one or even two other people to hold them while you secure them to the wall.”


A wall bed is no worse than a standard bed in terms of comfort. In fact, in some cases, it can be your only way to arrange a comfy sleeping spot. 

All the models I’ve tested and reviewed do their job great and can satisfy most users.

But if I had to choose the bestest of them, it would be the Edge by BESTAR. It offers a spacious storage unit and is incredibly durable and easy to use. Yes, you’ll have to recruit someone for assembly, but once it’s mounted, this murphy bed will last you for years, if not decades.

So, what made you consider buying a Murphy bed? What model among the five seems the best fit for your demands? Please, feel free to share in the comments!

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