It’s been long known that every human being should get quality sleep.

Lots of tips and pieces of advice on how to achieve that can be easily found across the Web. But did you know that there’s a very simple and effortless way?

Just. Sleep. Naked.

It is true. One of the benefits of sleeping naked is improved sleep quality. But there’s actually much more to it. If you’re curious, here’s the complete list.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

#1 Less Troubles Falling Asleep

Your sleep cycle consists of several stages, and each of them has some peculiarities and plays its own important role in the whole sleep mechanism.

“Scientists have found that sleeping in lower temperatures improves your sleep quality and hence overall health by helping your organism with its natural temperature regulation processes.”

As part of your sleep cycle, your body’s temperature drops, which serves as a signal to fall asleep. But when you sleep in an environment with higher temperatures, falling asleep takes more time. You must have experienced it yourself on a hot summer night.

But it’s not only the temperature in the room what matters. It’s also your night clothes, as they affect the temperature under the sheets. Wearing PJs traps heat, making your body work harder to drop your temperature so that you could peacefully drift off.

Sleeping nude, on the contrary, assists your body. As a result, you get to the deepest stages of sleep quicker.

#2 Less Interrupted Sleep

When sleeping cool, you not only fall asleep faster but also stay asleep longer. As opposed to that, higher temperatures under the sheets might wake you up right in the middle of REM sleep or deep sleep.

“The electroencephalogram, or EEG, is a tool used for tracking and studying sleep. If used during the REM sleep, it will show that a brain’s activity in this stage is very similar to a brain’s activity of a person awake.”

Troubled sleep — that is, when you wake up several times per night — has a number of bad consequences. You may feel sleepy and weak in the morning, get more easily irritated, lose your ability to concentrate, feel cognitive decline, etc. So, if you want a quality shuteye, ditch your nightwear for good.

#3 Better Genital Health

Now, a very important benefit of sleeping naked is improved genital hygiene. And there’s something in it for both genders.

For Men

The type of underwear men wear has been long known to affect their genital health and the quality of their semen in particular. But in 2015, researchers from Stanford University and the Institute of Child Health and Development studied five hundred men within one year to prove that.

Here’s what they’ve found:Genital Health

Those participants of the research who wore no underwear at night and loose boxers during the day had 25% less DNA fragmentation than the ones who wore tight boxers or briefs.

Such findings have been linked to the higher temperature of male testicles, which was a result of wearing tight underwear.

Although this was a comparatively small study, it can serve as a ground for further research into the connection between the choice of underwear and men’s fertility. But as for now, it has given you another reason to go commando. Especially, if you’re trying to become a father. After all, switching to no-undies sleep will hardly do any harm (compared to taking questionable supplements).

For Women

Female genitals are less protected and more susceptible to external influence.

But, ladies, if you’re worried that sleeping naked might be not safe for your genitals, you’re wrong.

When you sleep in your undies, no matter how loose or tight they are, you put your vulva in a dark, hot, and moist environment. You must remember from your school biology course that darkness, heat, and moisture make up a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

“If your immune system is weakened, bacteria and viruses can spread much quicker. The infection can actually go two ways: either from vulva to urethra to bladder to kidneys or from vulva to vagina to cervix and even further.”

I doubt you really want this for your lady parts. Especially, if you’ve had some health issues there before (e.g. vaginitis, candidiasis, and other infections). So, take off your panties and allow your private parts to breathe freely.

#4 Boosted Metabolism

Spending time in a cold environment makes your brown fat work more actively.

What is brown fat, you might ask?

This type of fat is involved in your organism’s natural thermoregulation processes, as it burns calories to produce heat and thus keep your body warm.

Science says that people with lower BMIs tend to have more brown fat, which suggests that it has the potential to boost metabolism. So, when you sleep naked, your temperature is lower and your brown fat begins burning calories faster to keep it at safe levels.

And that’s not it:

During sleep, the process of hormone production slows down, including the production of cortisol, which is often referred to as the stress hormone.

However, if you don’t sleep well, waking up because of heat and discomfort in your PJs, its level might increase. And one of the consequences is the desire to make a trip to the fridge — right in the middle of the night or the first thing in the morning.

So, if you want to reduce your cravings and help yourself stay fit, sleep without clothes to keep your body colder and hence your cortisol levels lower.

“Although a food craving is, by definition, a sudden desire to eat a specific food, meaning it might be any food, it most often implies yummy foods high in sugar. Really, it will take you much time to find a person who has cravings for broccoli. Still, some people might have an appetite for even nastier things than broccoli. Pica is a psychological disorder in people who crave for non-edible substances, like glass, hair, stone, or chalk.”

#5 Enhanced Skin Health

Wearing clothes all day long, you restrict your skin from breathing. Your regular shirts, jeans, and dresses often make you hot and sweaty, which turns your skin into a great breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Besides, clothes cause constant friction, which might lead to discomfort or irritation.

And the worst thing is:

Underwear and pajamas do the same to your body during the night.

But here’s the kicker:

You can’t walk around naked during the day, so there’s nothing you can do about the effect your regular clothes have on your skin.

However, you have the freedom to refuse to sleep in any clothes. After all, it’s your house, your bed, and you can do whatever you want there.

So, when it’s time to go to sleep, take a shower in order to clean your skin from sweat and dust; then, go to bed with nothing on to retain the effect of the shower and keep your body fresh and clean all through the night.

#6 Higher Confidence

Obviously, when you choose to go to bed in your birthday suit, you will see yourself naked more often. Both men and women are guilty of feeling shy about their body. Or even embarrassed. And it’s fine since we tend to notice all our flaws and overemphasize them.

However, the more time you spend with yourself in the nude, the more comfortable you will be with how you look. I know, it may feel weird at first, but you will eventually love your body the way it is and hence build higher self-confidence. Isn’t it what we all need in some way?

By the way, you might get an even better effect if your partner sleeps nude too. Speaking of which…

#7 Potentially Better Relationships

Sleeping nude means feeling your partner skin to skin. Touching them, wrapping your arms around them, and being able to explore every inch of their body is very intimate and pleasant in itself. And, it’s also beneficial for your health, for both of you.

“It’s been proved that skin-to-skin contact is important. Potentially Better RelationshipsOne research showed that babies cry less when held against bare skin rather than wrapped in a blanket. And it’s not surprising, as the skin is our body’s largest organ. We carry about 8 pounds and 22 square feet of it. It is also very sensitive and responsive, as there are more than 1,000 nerve endings per each square inch.”

Indeed, being so close to each other is very comforting and relaxing. It helps you get to know your partner better and get more comfortable around them when naked. I should say, this creates a bond between the two of you and makes the time you spend in your bed more special.

And, of course, nude contact between partners has the potential to improve their love life.

If you haven’t tried sleeping like that before, chances are it will bring in some new spark to your bedroom. And the scientific reason for that is oxytocin, a “love hormone”. Cuddling naked increases its levels in your and your partner’s bodies, which binds the two of you closer and stimulates your sex drive.

And the best part is:

If you sleep naked, you won’t need to awkwardly take off your pajamas and then get dressed back after it happens.

Additionally, oxytocin is known to bring down the blood pressure and anxiety levels, as well as enhance your immune system.

#8 More Comfort and Freedom

You might think that you can get your portion of comfort and freedom if you opt for a nightgown, shirt, or any other piece of nightwear that is loose. While this is, of course, much better than sleeping in tight pajamas and underwear, there’s one really annoying drawback.

Let me explain:

Do you ever wake up entangled in your pajamas?

If you sleep in loose nightwear, it is very likely to wrap around your body when you toss and turn, which can cause discomfort and even reduce the blood flow in some areas of your body that become pressured by the clothes.

Your brain will probably have to wake you up so that you could adjust your clothes, and I’ve already mentioned that interrupted sleep isn’t good for you.

So, the deal is:

Sleeping naked is a better way to feel more comfort and freedom, as there’s only you and the sheets and your cozy blanket.

#9 Lower Electricity Bills

I’ve mentioned the importance of sleeping cool quite a lot before, and I hope you really get it. However, I feel some of you might have a reasonable question:

Why sleep naked when all it takes to lower the temperature is press a button on an AC remote?

Well, I have a few questions back:

Are you crazy? Have you seen electricity rates?

I mean, you can really save some bucks on your electricity bill if you don’t turn your AC higher at night (or don’t turn it on at all) and let your body cool you down naturally. Besides, low-quality fabrics can really make you sweat even with your AC on.

“If you ditch your nightwear for good, you also won’t need to spend money on new sets of sleepwear ever again. Considering that one PJs should cost at least $10 and you probably should have a few at a time, it can save you quite a sum over years (assuming you replace your old PJs every couple of years).”

One more little thing worthy of note is that nightwear requires frequent laundry, which is associated with lower electricity bills, too, and reduced use of laundry detergent.

So, are these 9 reasons enough for you to take your sleepwear off, or are you still hesitant? Please, share your thoughts on sleeping nude in the comments.

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