A mattress itself is a serious investment.

And it is totally natural to be questioning whether you really need a mattress protector to shield it. I mean, it’s an extra investment, and you want to make the most informed decision.

That’s what I’m about to help you with today. So…

Do you need a waterproof mattress protector? What can it do for you?

#1 Keep Your Mattress Cleaner

How many of us love having breakfast in bed? Or reading a good book with a hot cup of tea and pajamas on? Or binge-watching Netflix with a bucket of snacks, candy, ice cream, or even pizza right on our Queen-sized mattress? We don’t use our beds solely for sleeping, do we? And I’m not even going to mention our lovely pets, whom we sometimes allow on the bed too.

While it’s super easy to get rid of dust by using a vacuum over the surface of your mattress (or washing a mattress cover, if possible), dealing with stains from food and pets is far more difficult. That’s when you need a mattress protector. A good one will serve as a shield for your bed.

It will absorb all the accidental spills, keeping your mattress fresh and stain-free (and saving you the trouble to clean it). After it takes the brunt, you can simply throw it in a washing machine, because yes – most protectors are machine washable.

#2 Get You a Safe Place to Sleep

Did you know that every night your body sloughs off tissue? Or that you shed almost a million skin cells every day? That’s around 8 pounds a year!

Now, can you imagine how much of that stuff your mattress can accumulate (given the fact that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping)? And don’t forget that the “cocktail” inside your mattress also contains your hairs, sweat, and other bodily fluids.

“A good mattress protector works like a shield. It keeps the dust, sweat, dirt, and other potential dangers away from your bed.”

It’s not that those parts of you are dangerous in any way.

It’s that they become dangerous when they are accumulated in your bed.

According to science, dead skin cells and moisture create a very favorable environment for dust mites and bed bugs. Consider your bed an all-inclusive hotel for those little bastards, where they can enjoy the buffet and eat as much as they want. Yes, they eat human tissue. That’s why they love our beds so much. Apart from dining, they excrete their own substances, lay eggs, die… Disgusting, right? Imagine lying on top of it every night and breathing all that stuff in!

That’s what you use a mattress protector for:

To save you from all that stuff inside your bed and prevent more stuff from accumulating.

“When your mattress is not protected from external factors, it turns into a great place for bacteria, fungi, insects, and other life forms. The most unpleasant consequence of that is an allergy. If you are allergy-prone, your symptoms might get much worse. And if you’ve never had allergies before, your mattress can actually cause them.”

#3 Keep Your Mattress Dry

I have a question for you:

Can you sleep on a stained, wet mattress?

I bet you said no. Well, that’s why you need to use a mattress protector. And it has to be waterproof. Even if you consider yourself a neat person who can never spill anything in bed, don’t forget that we’re all human and accidents happen. Don’t forget that your mattress can also collect your sweat and other bodily fluids. Especially if you drool during sleep (nothing wrong with that, by the way).

A waterproof mattress protector will keep your bed dry, thus making it feel fresher and cleaner. Besides, less moisture means a less favorable environment for fungi and bacteria and a safer sleeping surface for you.

#4 Keep Your Mattress Comfortable

Here’s the deal:

The modern market has a lot to offer. And even mattress toppers and protectors come in an extremely wide variety.

Some of them are thicker or feature quilted fabric. Using such a mattress pad can create an extra comfort layer between your sheets and the surface of your bed, thus improving the overall feel of the mattress.

But let’s be realistic here:

A simple mattress protector or pad cannot save an old, uncomfortable bed.

But a thick one can help if your mattress just needs some little improvements in terms of comfort.

“Some mattress protectors even have a wool or memory foam lining, which means they can add an extra soft layer to your bedding and alter the feel of your mattress.”

#5 Help You Create a Temperature-Neutral Sleeping Surface

Temperature control is an especially pressing issue for people who tend to sleep hot. And yes, it can be fixed with the help of a mattress protector. You just need to get a cooling one. Many products advertised as cooling mattress protectors are gel-infused. They can also feature some special cooling components, breathable fabrics, and construction allowing for proper ventilation.

“Some mattress protectors feature a latex or gel layer encased in breathable cotton. Such models can provide a cooling effect and make your sleeping space more neutral in terms of temperature.”

#6 Keep the Mattress Warranty Valid

Typically, a manufacturer’s warranty becomes voided if there are any spills, tears, cuts, and other mechanical effects your mattress might endure during use. This means you won’t be able to return a mattress in such a condition if you find a factory defect.

To avoid that, it makes sense to shield your bed from that potential damage. And yes, a good mattress protector can easily do that.

#7 Save You Money

Finally, it all comes down to this:

A mattress protector can prolong the life of your bed.

It’s simple, right? A mattress is a huge investment, and unless you are fabulously rich, you need to protect that investment. I mean, who wants to buy a new bed every year (other than fabulously rich people)? A mattress protector can make sure that your new bed will stay in the best condition for longer so that you wouldn’t have to buy a new one in a few years.


So, do you want your mattress to stay clean, fresh, and safe? What mattress protector are you planning to get? Let us know in the comments!

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