You’ll definitely agree with me when I say that sleeping on a saggy memory foam mattress is way too uncomfortable. So, people tend to find answers related to the issue which is, “How to Fix a sagging memory foam mattress.”

You might be wondering: 

What are some easy tips and tricks that will actually help you set your mattress? Well, we have got this issue covered for you from A to Z. That being said, you will be able to fix your saggy mattress with ease and convenience. 

But, before we start listing down the solutions, it is better that you know some of the primary causes of memory foam mattresses getting saggy. 

Let’s have a look at them: 

How To Fix A Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

Primary Causes of a Sagging Memory Foam Mattress: 

  1. Frequent Use: 

It is obvious that the mattress you use for sleeping or for comforting yourself will become sagging after frequent use. That is, with more use, the memory foam will get more saggy with the passage of time. 

  1. Placing the Mattress at an Uneven Surface: 

It usually gets worse: 

When you have placed the mattress on an uneven surface. Such a situation can cause depression in the mattress and it will become saggy within no time. 

  1. Disintegrating of Inner Component: 

The primary cause of a memory foam mattress getting saggy is that it has been used for a long period of time. With the passage of time, the inner component can get disintegrated causing the mattress to get saggy. 

  1. High Moisture Content: 

One of the main reasons a mattress can get saggy is that it is absorbing moisture at a higher rate. So, the end result is the mattress getting uneven or slack as the time passes by. 

  1. Inadequate Care:

This is one of the primary causes of a mattress getting an uneven shape. For instance, if you have placed the mattress where there is already moisture, then there is a good chance that it will become saggy with the passage of time. 

What’s the bottom line: 

The bottom line is that if you reduce the primary causes to a better extent, there is a good chance that you can restore a memory foam mattress easily. 

How to Fix a Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

Now, that your mattress is already sagging, you might be wondering: 

How to fix it up real quick? 

Well, that’s the main reason we have come up with some easy tips that might actually help you to restore a memory foam mattress perfectly. 

Items /Things You Might Need to Start Fixing the Mattress: 

If you want your memory foam mattress to restore its shape, you should have the following things: 

  • A firm and comfortable pillow
  • A mattress topper 
  • Plywood piece and a 
  • Mattress Helper. 

Some steps that would help you to fix a sagging memory foam mattress are as follows: 

  1. Put the Mattress on the Floor: 

This step is pretty simple. Just put the mattress down on the floor right away. While putting the mattress on the floor, keep in mind that, “The floor surface must be even.”

  1. Putting a Pillow Beneath the Sagging Area: 

One of the best ways to remove depression in a memory foam mattressPutting a Pillow Beneath the Sagging Area is by inserting pillows. How will it help? The answer is pretty simple: 

If there is, by any chance, some sort of depression in the middle of the mattress, then you can simply put soft pillows underneath the depressed area. 

To make things perfect, it is necessary that the mattress is already put on an even surface


You will need to insert one or two soft pillows (considering the depression level) underneath the mattress. This will restore the memory foam mattress. Thus, you will be able to sleep on it peacefully.

  1. Using a Mattress Topper or Pad: 

 It is a better idea to use a topper or pad in order to fix a sagging memory foam mattress. That being said, the use of these toppers will allow you to sleep peacefully on an even surface. 

So, where can you find the toppers or pads for your sagging mattress? The answer is simple. You can easily search for mattress topper on any major online shop such as Amazon and will get different types of toppers available for sale. 

Do you want to know the best part? 

The best part about a mattress topper is that it will cost you no more than 50 bucks. Considering the price tag, it is pretty easy to get one such pad that can be used to even the sagging memory foam surface. 

How Do the Topper Work?

A topper reduces the heat already being absorbed by the memory foam. Thus, it simply shares the burden of absorbing a high amount of heat, keeping the mattress away from getting saggy quickly.

So, the bottom line is, “If you get a memory foam topper or pad, the chances are pretty good that your mattress will become even and you will be able to sleep peacefully.”

  1. Replacement for a Weak Foundation: 

If the upper trick isn’t working and you think that the damage is almost inevitable, then the best way to fix the memory foam mattress from sagginess is by replacing the weak foundation. 

What actually is the foundation? 

According to US-Mattress: 

“Foundation is the base of the bed. It works like a frame for the mattress and is made up of either wood, metal rods or sometimes springs.” 

So, if you think that the foundation of the mattress is uneven, then you need to fix this problem. 

If you are wondering about the easy solution: 

Here is one. You can place a large piece of cardboard or plywood underneath the mattress. In this way, you can easily make the mattress as evenly as possible. That being said, you will be able to sleep peacefully as your mattress will be restored to its original form. 

However, if the above option is not working out for you and you are still feeling discomfort while sleeping, then this might be the time when you will actually need a new memory foam mattress. 

  1. Using a Mattress Helper:

So, you might be wondering: 

What if all the above tips fail to work? What’s the next step then? 

The answer is simple. You use a mattress helper if your mattress has been affected badly with sagging. However, keep in mind that a good mattress helper will cost you a handful of money. 

How to Use the Mattress Helper?

Using the helper is one of the easiest tasks. That is, you just need to put it underneath the area where the foam is already sagging. It will, thus uplift the depressed area and will make it smooth. 

In this way, you might be able to fix up the sagging memory foam mattress in the best possible manner. 

Some Last Words: 

Fixing a sagging memory foam mattress is a dire need of a person who wants to sleep peacefully. That being said, I have mentioned several ways through which you can actually fix up this issue with ease. However, if the memory foam you’ve got is already too much damaged, then the best choice will be to bring a new mattress. 

If the tips I have mentioned above have helped you fix your mattress, do let me know in the comments. 

Furthermore, I am always open to answer queries. 

Just drop them down in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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