Wondering how to train your body for sleeping on your side? I know we all have different positions of sleeping. However, some would say we sleep on the back with arms on the sides, some might say on the side along with the arms straight down the body. In fact; no one sleeps in a single position all the time during the night.

We keep changing our positions until we find our best comfort zone. You found yourself on the floor this morning? Okay, you just couldn’t found the best positions. Or maybe you just don’t know what the best sleeping position is and how it could help you find a sound sleep.

How To Train Your Body For Sleeping On Your Side

Which position is perfect?

Well, if you a kind of person who is suffering from issues like respiration and needs a lot of breath, sleeping on your side will do you a great favor. It’s greatly recommended for such type of issues. 

But how do I train myself?

5 Tips To Train Your Body For Sleeping On Your Side: Secret Tips 

Want to sleep properly on one side? But How?
Here we go, follow these five secret tips and learn how to properly sleep on one side.

Always Use A Soft Mattress

If you want to stay sleeping on your side, make sure you’re using a soft mattress. The reason is that when you sleep on your side; all of the pressure is on your neck, shoulders and hips. Using a hard mattress can really hurt your body parts.

Why a soft mattress?

  • Never causes pack pain
  • Perfect for training your body for sleeping on your side
  • Lighter and perfectly aligns the spine

Always use the best mattresses for side sleepers that are soft and give your body enough comfort and support. But remember, you shouldn’t buy one that affects your spine; it shouldn’t sink your body down. Find one that keeps the alignment of your spine in order. 

What’s more?

Nothing could be better than buying a soft mattress if someone is thinking to find ways to back pain and irregular sleeping.

Good For?

  • People with back pain issues
  • People with a lightweight body

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Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

Get The Pillow With The Right Height For You

Choosing the right pillow is yet another great tip if you’re going to train your body for sleeping on your side.  Why getting the right pillow is so important? Getting the right pillow not only keeps your neck in a stable condition but also keeps your hips and spine aligned in a neutral position.

If you aren’t suffering from such issues, a firm mattress would also work fine. Plus, if you have a high weight, I’m afraid a lighter mattress won’t come in handy for you.

This results in a sound sleep and a normal sleeping position. There will never be any signs of neck pain if you get the right pillow. People sometime go with a high pillow and the next morning they come to know that they are having a real pain in the neck. It should neither too firm nor too soft (that sinks your head inside the pillow), just choose a pillow that comes with right height.

What is the right height?

Depending upon the body measurement and your personal preference, you should choose a pillow that comes with a height of 4 to 6 inches. It should be properly supporting your neck and head. 

Tucking A Thin Pillow Between Legs

This tip could of great help if you’re struggling with comfortable sleeping positions. The leg which you are not laying on is not supported; it sags down and puts stress on your hips and spine. Really? Yes, you should be careful about. But, don’t worry? You can overcome this by tucking a pillow between your knees. It helps you relieve the stress from your hips and spine and puts much of the pressure on the pillow. 

Not Comfortable with a pillow?

No worries, you can also use a rolled towel to reduce this effect. Keep in mind that your knees are slightly bent rather than too far towards the stomach. I’m sure you’ll find it very easy to train your body sleeping on your side.

Choose a side and follow it strictly

Do you know something amazing? According to a recent study, people who pick left side seldom come with heartburn issues. Remarkable, isn’t it? I know it’s not easy to properly sleep on that side. We are so habitual to changing sides that it seems impossible to master this art. But come on, you can do it. Just stick to the plan and tell I have to do it, no one else is going to do it for me. 

It’s always good to go with a firm pillow for holding between your knees. In this way, your knees never fall down and you experience a comfortable sleeping position as a result. Just give it a try and you’ll feel so amazing.

Ways to master this technique:

  1. Choose a side
  2. Be consistent

It might be difficult to follow this routine in the beginning; you’ll sleep on the left side and wake up with completely new positions. Just don’t give up; great things never come from comfort zones. After practicing it for a time, you’ll look back and say “Dude, I did it? “.

Sleeping on your left side is beneficial in many ways; your stomach stays in natural position which allows your stomach to digest the food easily. If you are facing some stomach issues, choosing this side would do a great help.

Avoid Your Body Parts From Getting Numb

While sleeping on your side could of great help, make sure that your body parts never go numb. This happens because when you sleep on your side, your blood circulation is stopped by the pressure of your head and weight, which causes your arm to fall asleep. 

How To Overcome?

Very easy, avoid putting your arm under your head. Make sure that you are using a pillow that is giving enough comfort to your head so you don’t need your hand to balance it. It might seem of a very little concern, but sometimes numbness feels very scary specially when you wake up at night and find out that your arm isn’t working! Pew!

Last Words:

According to recent studies, the most effective sleeping position is sleeping in a way that helps your body circulate the blood easily. Though the sleeping positions change over time due to things like injuries and pregnancy etc., you should always either sleep on your side or on your back? 

Still got questions?
No worries, just tell us what kind of problem you’re facing. What’s that stopping you from training your body to stay sleeping on your side? Just tell us and we’ll be quick to respond. Have a sound sleep!

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