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We all can agree that nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep.

But what if a warm pillow gets in your way?

The answer is simple: toss it away!

Get yourself a pillow that will grant you the greatest snooze of your life.

And to aid you in this task, I’ve prepared a list of 7 best cooling pillows, each of which can surely become your favorite thing in the bedroom.

Cooling pillows

Top rated cooling pillows:

  1. Active X Pillow by Nest Bedding
  2. Gusset Gel Pillow by Sleep Restoration
  3. Domus Pillow by Urban Bloom
  4. Buckwheat Pillow by Zen Chi
  5. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Comfortac
  6. The Avocado Green Pillow
  7. Premium Pillow by Tuft & Needle
Active X Pillow by Nest BeddingShredded Memory Foam;
Phase Change Material.
Standard: 24 x 16 inches.
Gusset Gel Pillow by Sleep RestorationGel Fiber;
Gusset Cover.
Queen: 20 x 30 inches;
King: 20 x 36 inches.
Domus Pillow by Urban BloomMemory Foam;
Lux-Loft Cover;
Mesh Gusset;
Leather Trim.
Queen: 20 x 28 inches.
Buckwheat Pillow by Zen ChiCotton Cover;
Buckwheat Hulls.
King: 20 x 36 inches.
Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by ComfortacShredded Memory Foam;
Bamboo Rayon Cover;
Queen: 20 x 30 inches;
King: 20 x 36 inches.
The Avocado Green Pillow Latex Rubber Shreds;
Kapok Fiber;
Cotton Cover.
Standard: 18 x 24 inches;
Queen: 18 x 26 inches;
King: 18 x 30 inches.
Premium Pillow by Tuft & NeedleT&N Adaptive Foam;
Graphite Gel;
Cooling Gel.
King: 16 x 34 inches.

Active X Pillow by Nest Bedding

Active X Pillow by Nest Bedding

When I was browsing through shredded memory foam pillows, I chose this one because it allowed me to decide how much filling I’m going to use. And the second I placed my head on it and felt how comfortable it was, I knew that this one was going to be on the list of the best cooling pillows.

Look at  its main characteristics:

  • It is filled with removable memory foam that allows you to choose how thick you want your pillow to be.
  • The cover comes with a zipper that allows for convenient refilling.

The cover is made of polyester, which is really nice to the touch.

What is really great with that pillow?

The best thing about this pillow is how it stays cool all through the night. To be honest, I was rather skeptical about how chilling a cooling pillow can actually be. However, the result turned out to be fantastic, as I didn’t sweat at all during sleep.

What is wrong with that pillow?

The worst thing about this item is that when it arrived, it had too much filling. Just one look at it, and I thought: “That won’t do.” But after a bit of experimentation, I’ve found my sweet spot. Of course, it was my personal preference, but I think some people might feel the same way. So, it’s just a heads-up for you.  



Remains cool for a long time

Offers the perfect balance between firm and soft


Might be too thick for some users

What’s the bottom line?

This pillow is plushy and offers decent support. With the cooling effect it provides, it will help you rest well every hot summer night.

Ready to buy this trendy pillow? Do it here!

“The primary function of a cooling pillow is to keep your head chilled. Thus, it makes it easier for you to fall asleep and prevents you from waking up in the middle of the night.”

Gusset Gel Pillow by Sleep Restoration

Gusset Gel Pillow by Sleep Restoration

I’ll be honest with you:

While I do understand the importance of support and firmness, my ideal pillow has to be soft and comfortable…and cool, of course. Thankfully, this pillow is exactly like that!

Let’s find out the defining features:

  • Mold & Mildew resistant. Doesn’t cause allergies – even my allergy-prone wife didn’t sneeze a single time.
  • The gusset cover creates more space for you to rest on.
  • The cover doesn’t get stained easily.
  • You can choose between two sizes (King & Queen).
What is really great with that pillow?

The best feature of this pillow is how plush it is. When I laid my head on it, I felt like laying on a cloud, which softly cradled my head. Surprisingly, the pillow also provided sufficient support for my neck.

What is wrong with that pillow?

Ironically, softness is also the worst thing about this model. People that are looking for a pillow that will relieve them from all the boiled up stress and stiffness in their neck and head may find this item lacking in this regard.


Very soft and cool


Offers a decent level of support


May be a bit too soft for some people

There’s nothing much to complain about this pillow. It is heavenly soft and pleasant to the touch while providing enough support to allow the muscles to relax. So, be sure to enjoy the relaxing experience to the maximum.

If you’re interested in this pillow, you can buy it here!

Domus Pillow by Urban Bloom

Domus Pillow by Urban Bloom

Here’s the deal:

At first, I was a bit skeptical about how comfortable such a sturdy pillow can be, but I was pleasantly surprised by its feel. The gray knitted cover did provide a great deal of comfort, while the pillow itself adjusted perfectly to the shape of my head.

Check out its main features:

  • The cover features a ziplock that allows you to change the amount of filling.
  • The gray knitted cover creates a luxurious look with leather detailing.
  • The cover can be washed separately, which makes the process of looking after the pillow much easier.
What is really great with that pillow?

The coolest thing about this pillow is how firm and supportive it is. If you’re anything like me, you also want both: comfort and health benefits. And this pillow gave me both. It kept my neck in the right position, helped me relax the muscles completely, and simply felt great to the touch.

What is wrong with that pillow?

The most unappealing feature of this model is the slight off-gassing. Thankfully, it was gone in less than a day. So, if you have a sensitive nose, you’ll have to air the pillow out for a couple of hours before starting to use it.


Adjusts to the head shape and cradles it

Quite soft for a memory foam pillow

Stays cool through the night


Slight off-gassing

This item deserves to be on the list of the best cooling pillows. It looks stylish, provides a great level of comfort, and can be a perfect option for people who appreciate supportive and firm pillows.

Want to try it out? You can get it here!

Buckwheat Pillow by Zen Chi

Buckwheat Pillow by Zen Chi

My rating of the best cooling pillows would be incomplete without this great option with a distinctive feature – the buckwheat filling. This item proved to be very good at keeping me cool, as I didn’t sweat at all when I used it.

Now, let’s take a closer look at its main characteristics:

  • The filling is made from organic buckwheat hulls.
  • The interior of the pillow is designed to provide a natural cooling effect.
  • It is quite firm and can help you get rid of the neck pain.
  • You can adjust the thickness (or even refill the pillow) by adding more hulls or taking some out.
What is really great with that pillow?

The best thing about this pillow is its size. This model is larger than your average King-sized pillow. I greatly enjoyed the freedom to roll around in bed, with my head never falling off the pillow.

What is wrong with that pillow?

The worst thing about this pillow is the fact that it’s not 100% organic. Despite the claims made by the manufacturer, the production of this pillow involves fumigation, which is not a safe eco-friendly process at all.


Adjustable thanks to the zipper on the cover

Large, provides more sleeping space

Has a “fresh” feel to it


Makes a slight rustle noise when moving

What’s the bottom line?

This pillow is made from organic materials and is a great choice for people suffering from allergies and muscle pain.

Feel like this option is for you? Click here to order!

“If you use a cooling pillow to create a relaxing sleeping environment, you’ll notice how the quality of your sleep increases tenfold. It’s crucial to allow your mind and body to rest appropriately to improve your mental health.”

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Comfortac

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Comfortac

Whether I’m talking about pillows, towels, blankets or clothes, I always value softness, and this item is the embodiment of this quality. Despite being a bit heavy, this pillow is fluffy and molding, which means you can shape it any way you want.

Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Comes with extra filling so that you can size it the way you want.
  • Memory foam is made without chemical elements, which is great for your health and the environment.
  • The cover is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Two sizes to choose from (Queen & King).
What is really great with that pillow?

The best thing about this item is how plush it is. Because the foam is shredded, it’s not stiff and gently cradles the head, providing both comfort and support.

What is wrong with that pillow?

The worst thing about this pillow is the off-gassing. It’s a common feature for the memory foam products, but it might annoy some users. However, the odor disappeared within a day.


Thick and supportive

Gently cradles the neck and the head

The thickness level can be adjusted


Slight off-gassing

This pillow has a high-quality cooling cover, as well as a very soft filling. It is adjustable and can suit almost anyone’s needs.

Want to see for yourself? Click here to order!

The Avocado Green Pillow

The Avocado Green Pillow

“What is that you say? A 100% organic pillow?! Let me give it a try!”

That was my first reaction when I saw this option, and try it I did. Surprisingly, I wasn’t disappointed, as this pillow turned out to be very comfortable.

Let’s see its main characteristics:

  • The cover consists of natural latex and cotton.
  • The filling is made from organic Kapok fiber.
  • The interior structure of the pillow allows for excellent airflow.

You can choose from three sizes (Standard, Queen, and King).

What is really great with that pillow?

The coolest feature of this pillow is how customizable it is. It not only comes in three different sizes but also allows the users to adjust the amount of filling, which means it can be easily customized according to your preferences.

What is wrong with that pillow?

The worst thing I’ve noticed about this pillow is how thick and sturdy it looks. However, this small issue can be resolved by simply taking some of the filling out. So, when the pillow arrives, don’t be alarmed by its size. You can fix it in no time if you don’t like it.


Natural, eco-friendly filling


Sleeps cool

Overall comfort in all sleeping positions


Might be too thick for some users, so the adjustments are necessary

This cooling pillow really found a place in my heart. Not only is it made from natural materials, but it also has both softness and support to provide you with a good night’s sleep.

Want to try it yourself? Order it now!

Premium Pillow by Tuft & Needle

Premium Pillow by Tuft & Needle

This pillow has all the right to be on this list. It is safety certified and features the unique adaptive foam filling, which provides both support and cradling effect for your head and neck.

Let’s take a look at its main features:

  • Made from the new-generation memory foam that feels softer and more comfortable.
  • The infused cooling gel provides heat resistance.

The pillow is very lightweight and pleasant to the touch.

What is really great with that pillow?

The best thing about this item is the cooling effect it provides. The pillow’s design allows the free airflow, which makes it super breathable. I tested it without my AC being on, and it did its job really well: I didn’t sweat at all during sleep.

What is wrong with that pillow?

The worst thing about this pillow is that it might be too thin for some users. Because the foam in the filling is quite soft, and the pillow itself isn’t too stuffed, some sleepers (especially the heavier ones) might find it to be too thin and not supportive enough.


Excellent heat resistance

Has a pleasing squishy feel to it

Decent support for your neck and head


Might be too thin for some users

Overall, I enjoyed using this pillow. It is soft, cradling, and supportive enough. Plus, the cooling effect it provides is simply undeniable.

Want to try it out? Don’t hesitate and order here!

What Material to Choose For Your Pillow

When picking among the best cooling pillows, there are three main material options to choose from:

  • Memory foam;
  • Gel fiber;
  • Natural materials (buckwheat or bamboo).

You may be thinking: “Well, which one is the best?”

Let’s take a closer look at all three of them:

  • Memory foam. Such pillows adjust to the form of your head and neck, which contributes to the pressure relief. However, memory foam pillows are usually quite dense and heavier than their alternatives. There are also pillows that are made from the shredded memory foam. Such an option is more lightweight and is easier to mould to your liking. Another benefit of this design is that it allows better airflow, thus offering a more efficient cooling effect.
  • Gel fiber. This material provides great airflow and can be easily washed. Such pillows offer excellent support for your head and are also softer than the memory foam ones. They are pleasant to the touch and feel just like a regular pillow.
  • Natural materials. For the cooling effect, the most popular natural pillow filling is either bamboo or buckwheat. They both are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, which makes these types of filling perfect for people who are sensitive to smells, chemicals, and some other materials.


“Gel pillows are usually made with an incorporated gel pad or foam, as they both serve to keep your head cool during the night. You can also find pillows that use gel inserts that can be put into the pillowcase.”

Why Do You Have to Buy a Cooling Pillow?

First of all, if you’re anything like me, then having a hot pillow under your head is almost like sleeping in an oven.

But it gets even worse:

You can’t relax completely, and you wake up in the middle of the night to flip the pillow to the other side.

Luckily, most of these problems can be solved by buying a pillow with a cooling effect. For me, such a pillow is essential during long summer nights, and even more important for anyone who resides in a hot climate.

Want to know the best part?

Several studies suggest that a cooling pillow not only offers more comfort but also can help people with insomnia or other sleep disorders.


Picking among so many great options was not an easy task for me. All seven pillows have pleased me with their heat resistance properties, and thus deservingly found themselves on the list of the best cooling pillows. However, there was one item that stood out for me the most, and it’s the Avocado Green Pillow.

Why should you choose it too? The pleasant color, the fact that manufacturers only use environmentally friendly materials, the ability to refill it to your preferred size – altogether, these factors allow this pillow to be called the best.

And how do you deal with those warm summer nights? Do you simply turn your AC on? Or do you believe that a cooling pillow is enough? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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    The Avacado green pillow has got a nice rating, I’ve been suffering from serious heat especially in the head. If I can get a supportive pillow, it’ll be way better.

    I’ll attempt the purchase of that green pillow because I like tge features and specifications.

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