Best low profile Box Springs

Good sleep is essential for your mind and body.

And obviously, to get the best sleep of your life you need to make sure that you have a comfortable and supportive bed.

A low profile box spring is just one of the elements of a bed, but it’s crucial for mattress support and your comfort.

To help you find a good one, I have reviewed some of the best low profile box springs on the market. Check them out below!


Zinus ArmitaSteel5 inches5 years
Classic Brands Metal Box SpringMetal4 inches3 years
Amazon BasicsMetal5 inches1 year
Zinus EdgarWood4 inches5 years
Classic Brands Wood Box SpringWood (spruce)4 inches3 years

Our Reviews of 5 Best low profile Box Springs

Best Steel Option

Zinus Armita

Zinus Armita

So, let’s begin our selection of top-rated low profile box springs with this model by Zinus. Being the brand’s best-seller, the Armita can easily offer you long-lasting and uniform support.

It is made of heavy-duty steel and is only 5 inches high. So, if you own a thick mattress, you can effortlessly pair it with this box spring and still get a bed of a comfortable height.

Now, Zinus equipped this model with foam padding to prevent any squeaking and rattling from waking you up. I barely heard any noise during testing, which is definitely a plus.

All tools required for assembly are included, and the process itself took me around 25 minutes, so it can be done quite easily even by a single person.

The main issue is also linked to the choice of materials. Any all-steel foundation will be pretty heavy — this one weighs almost 40 pounds — so if you need to move your bed to another corner, this might be challenging.

The thing I truly loved about this model is the choice of materials. Steel is very sturdy and durable, so you can expect that the Armita will serve you for years to come, making a superb support base for your mattress.


All-steel construction

Great durability

Foam padding for quiet design

Easy assembly; no tools required

Available in all standard mattress sizes


Heavy to move

Some users report bent details

Overall, I think that the Zinus Armita is a great choice for those who want a product that will last. It is pretty basic yet sturdy and may outlive a few mattresses.

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Best for Easy Assembly

Classic Brands Metal Box Spring

Classic Brands Metal Box Spring

Another option in my review of the best low profile box springs is offered by Classic Brands. With this model, you won’t have to spend your time on assembly: this foundation has two folded parts that you need to put out of the package and snap together. That’s it!

Now, this box spring has a mesh construction that is great for supporting all types of mattresses. The height of this foundation is only 4 inches, so it won’t make your bed awkwardly high.

The cover is removable and pretty tenacious. It can offer the needed grip for your mattress and eliminate any chance of it sliding around during your sleep.

The thing I didn’t like, though, is that the joints look somewhat cheap and feel a bit flimsy. Maybe it’s not the issue with all box springs by Classic Brands, but still, if you’re a big guy or share a bed with someone, I would recommend looking for sturdier models.

The biggest advantage of this box spring is fast assembly. I mean, who likes spending time messing with all those tiny parts? If not you, then the ability to just slide the halves into each other will win totally you over.


Almost no assembly required

Foldable construction

Mesh wires for better support

Removable and tenacious cover

Doesn’t squeak


Joints look pretty flimsy

A bit heavy

Overall, the Classic Brands box spring will perfectly suit petite and average-weight sleepers. It is easy to assemble on your own, so you can set up a supportive surface for your mattress in no time.

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Best for a Heavy Mattress

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics

Moving down my list of the best low profile box springs, and here’s the model by Amazon Basics. This foundation can support even heavy and bulky mattresses, such as latex and hybrid ones, and prolong their lifespan by ensuring good airflow underneath.

This foundation is made of metal and has 11 metal slats. The spaces are not too wide, and even a larger sleeper won’t feel the slats through the mattress. 

Being 5 inches high, this box spring can be used with thicker mattresses to arrange a safe sleeping spot if you have problems with getting into a high bed.

What I didn’t like is that the removable cover came smaller than expected, so we had difficulty zipping it over the frame. This resulted in a tear in the corner after a few days of use. Some users report the same issue. I’m sure you can get a replacement cover, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

The most prominent feature of this model is that it can pair well with a thick and heavy mattress. I’ve purposely chosen the heaviest mattress in our arsenal to test it, so the combined weight the box spring had to withstand with me and my wife on top has probably exceeded 500 lbs. Despite that, the construction remained sturdy all the way through.


Good for heavy mattresses (and heavy sleepers)

Durable construction

Available in all mattress sizes

Folds for easy storage

Pairs with any mattress type


The cover might not fit

May make noise

Despite a few flaws, the Amazon Basics bed foundation is great: it’s very durable, uniform, and doesn’t take much time to assemble.

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Best Wooden Option

Zinus Edgar

Zinus Edgar

Here comes another model by Zinus. This top-rated low profile box spring will suit those who prefer wood over metal. An all-wooden construction can offer you excellent stability and has a good grip that will hold your mattress in place.

This box spring comes disassembled, but you will spend only about 20-25 minutes setting it up. It has 13 wide wooden slats that are placed only about 3 inches apart, making the Edgar perfect for foam mattresses. The height of the construction is only 4 inches, so it can be easily paired with any bed frame and any mattress thickness.

To ensure quiet sleep, the manufacturer also adds foam tape. It prevents the wood from squeaking and acts as a shock-absorbing pad, so even sensitive sleepers will sleep soundly.

However, this model has one problem. As I opened the plastic wrap, I was struck with a chemical smell. Although it dissipated within the first couple of nights, you still have to keep this in mind.

The greatest thing about this box spring is its wooden construction. I’m a huge fan of wooden bed foundations for their rustic design and ability to easily withstand large loads.


Noiseless wooden construction

Easy assembly

Suitable for heavy sleepers

Comes with a foam padded tape for a quieter sleep

Good for mattresses of any height


Has a sharp smell after unboxing

The cover might sit too tight

Overall, I loved sleeping on the Zinus Edgar box spring. It didn’t alter the feel of the mattress and offered uniform support throughout the testing period.

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Best Overall

Classic Brands Wooden Box Spring

Classic Brands Wooden Box Spring

One more candidate to be claimed as the best low profile box spring is designed by Classic Brands. I’ve included it in my selection because of the sturdy support it offers and a noise-free construction.

This box spring is made of durable wood and can serve you for years. It’s strong enough to support latex and hybrid mattresses and eliminate sagging of your bed. 

Now, this model comes with a nice cover to protect your mattress from friction. The cover is only wrapped around the top and sides of the box spring, so there won’t be problems with a too tight fit, like in some other models. However, this also means the bottom part is exposed and not protected from bed bugs.

The downside I want to mention is that this box spring isn’t recommended to be used with a foam mattress. The slats are pretty wide but placed about 4.5” apart from each other. This is considered too far, so if you own a foam bed but really want this box spring, you will have to use it with a piece of plywood.

The coolest thing about this box spring is how well it is made. The quality spruce wood combined with handcrafted construction results in outstanding durability and supportive properties. This model will definitely last long.


Durable wood construction

Can support heavy mattresses

Easy assembly

Good value for money

Easy to move around


May not support foam mattresses properly

The cover doesn’t cover the bottom

Classic Brands offers a very durable box spring with a reasonable price tag. It’s a decent purchase for literally anyone. Just make sure to use an additional support sheet if you own a memory foam mattress.

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What Is a low profile Box Spring and Why Do You Need It?

A low profile box spring is, basically, a regular box spring, with the only difference being the height. A regular box spring typically measures about 9-12 inches, whereas a low profile box spring is only 4-5.5 inches on average.

Despite the significant difference in height, low profile box springs have many advantages over the regular ones. Here’s why you may want to choose this type of box spring:

  • It doesn’t make your bed high. The tendencies in the mattress industry have changed over the years, and mattresses today tend to be significantly thicker than, say, 20 years ago. So, a standard box spring might not be a great choice in this case, as it can make your bed awkwardly high, so you may need more effort getting in and out of it. Some people, especially the elderly or those with chronic pain, find this uncomfortable.
  • It makes the room more spacious. You can use a good low profile box spring on the hard floor even without a bed frame. Due to its compact design, it won’t eat the bedroom’s space and will look proportional to a small apartment.

You may also need a low profile box spring if you own a heavy mattress and want to prevent it from sagging and prolong its lifespan. 

“A low profile mattress foundation can help you expose more of the decorative headboard and footboard if your bed has those.”

However, low profile box springs aren’t perfect. 

The main downside is that they offer little to no storage area under the bed. So, if you have a small bedroom and no other storage options, it may be more reasonable for you to buy a thicker box spring.

Also note that even a box spring of a small height can alter the feel of your bed, especially if you have purchased one of the budget-friendly mattresses that are usually made of softer foams. 

The Difference Between a Box Spring and a Platform Bed

Now, let me tell you one thing:

There’s a lot of confusion around different types of mattress support. 

Box springs and platform beds are the most common ones to get confused. Plus, they both are the most optimal way to build a low profile bed. So, let’s clear up all about them right away.

Box Spring 

This was probably the first type of foundation ever made on a commercial basis. As the name implies, this is literally a wooden or metal box filled with springs and encased in fabric. Box springs used to be the main type of mattress support until memory foam beds took over the market. 

Today, most manufacturers sell a different kind of box springs, which are no longer filled with springs (because memory foam doesn’t pair well with them). So, a modern box spring is usually just a wooden or metal box with a slatted surface, designed to provide additional support. Normally, it is placed between a mattress and a bed frame, but some people put it directly on the floor.

“The term “foundation” is commonly used as a synonym to “box spring”, but it’s more like an umbrella term for all the things you can put under your mattress to support it.”

Platform Bed

This one may look similar to a box spring, but it mostly comes with legs (from 4 in Twin to 9 in King). So, you can imagine that it’s a hybrid of a box spring and a bed frame. Also, platform beds are often available in nice designs and feature a headboard and a footboard. You can use them as stand-alone support or put a box spring on top for a more refined bed configuration.

Things to Look For in a Good low profile Box Spring

Before I let you go shopping, I’d like to share the main things you should look for in a highly rated low profile box spring

Weight Capacity

Most of the modern low profile box springs can hold an average-weight single sleeper or a couple, along with the weight of an average mattress. But note that they still might have lower weight capacity compared to other types of mattress support

Thus, if you’re a large sleeper, you may want to check out bed frames specifically designed for heavy people. It’s a sure way to avoid ending up on the floor one night.


Since a box spring can be a stand-alone element of your bed, it’s designed to work with most mattress sizes. However, if you’re shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, be sure to measure your mattress beforehand so that you can make more accurate comparisons. 


The main materials used for making box springs are wood and metal. Both are equally good when it comes to durability, but metal may have a few advantages over wood: 

  • It’s less prone to squeaking. If you properly maintain your box spring and oil the joints when necessary, it can stay noiseless forever.
  • It’s more portable. Wooden box springs either come as one piece or are very bulky to move around once assembled. Metal models, on the other hand, often have a foldable construction or can be easily disassembled for transportation.
  • It’s easier to maintain. All you need to do is wipe the box spring with a cloth and tighten the bolts as needed. 

Mattress Type

Different mattress types require different levels of support. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses typically have an anti-sagging bottom layer, so you can choose a foundation with widely spaced slats for them.

Foam or latex mattress, on the contrary, need more uniform support along the bottom, so it’s better to choose models with wider and more tightly packed wood slats or with metal mesh wires.


A box spring can be an important element of your bed. It enforces the supportive qualities of your mattress and prolongs its lifespan.

All the models I’ve reviewed above are great, and pointing out my favorite one was challenging, but here it is:

I really enjoyed the Zinus Armita. It has durable steel construction and pretty good weight capacity. Also, the mesh wire construction aids in uniform support and prevents sagging.

For the fans of wooden frames, the one designed by Classic Brands will work just fine. It may not be the best option for a memory foam mattress, but it will perfectly cope with supporting other types of beds and will serve you for years to come.

So, why did you decide to search for a low profile box spring? What is your bed’s current configuration? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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