Best Floor Mattresses

Let’s get one thing straight right away:

You absolutely have to get a floor mattress for your home.


Because it’s compact, lightweight and can easily turn into a sleeping spot for occasional guests when you run out of sofas.

That’s why I’ve found and reviewed 7 best floor mattresses that can satisfy every demand. Let’s take a closer look at them and see which one will satisfy your own demand.


LUCIDMemory foamjacquard cover;
gel memory foam comfort layer;
dense foam base
3 years
MilliardMemory foamjacquard cover;
fiberglass encasement;
memory foam comfort layer;
memory foam base
1 year
EMOORPolyestercotton cover quilted with polyester fiber;
polyester inner pad
Not specified
Best Price MattressMemory foampolyester jacquard cover;
memory foam comfort layer;
dense foam base
5 years
D&D Futon FurnitureFoamcotton cover quilted with polyester;
foam pad
Not specified
WillpoMemory foammicrofiber cover;
memory foam comfort layer;
dense foam base;
waterproof bottom
1 year
American Furniture AlliancePolyfoampolyester cover;
polyfoam base
5 years

Our Reviews of 7 Top-Rated Floor Mattresses

Best Versatility


The first contestant in this review is designed by LUCID. This folding floor mattress not only can be used for a cozy sleep but also can turn into a comfy sofa in no time! Besides, the manufacturer suggests you use it as a thick mattress topper to rejuvenate the feel of your old mattress.

Now, the LUCID is an all-foam mattress. It has two layers: the upper one is made of cooling gel-infused memory foam with a plush feel, while the base is made of firmer dense foam for enhanced support.

The cover fabric is removable and washing machine-friendly, so maintaining the mattress turns into a pleasure. Also, it has two convenient handles for easy transportation when in the folded state.

My only complaint about the LUCID is that zippers on the cover seem a bit weak. So don’t make sharp movements when unzipping it, or you may have to replace them soon.

Now, the most prominent feature of this mattress is its versatility. I love how you can turn this mattress into a sofa and use it for occasional gatherings as another comfy seat.


Can transform into a sofa

Can be used as a mattress topper

Convenient handles for carrying

Washable cover

Doesn’t sleep hot


Zippers on the cover are a bit weak

May feel too soft for some

So, if you occasionally have friends staying overnight and want them to feel comfortable, I would recommend you purchase the LUCID. Its versatility will surprise both you and your guests.

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Best for High Profile


Milliard floor mattress

The second option in my review of the best floor mattresses is offered by Milliard. If you’re looking for a high-profile option, you will love the 6-inch-thick, all-foam mattress by this brand.

It consists of two layers of foam with the medium-firm feel and can offer you both proper support and a decent hug during sleep. 

The cover fabric is soft and comfy and features mesh sides for better airflow. Besides, the mattress comes with the anti-slip bottom, so it will stay in place even if your flooring material is slippery and you’re a restless sleeper.

The worst thing about this mattress is that, despite the mesh sides, it may still sleep hot. If you use the Milliard during summer months, you may not get the most restorative sleep.

What I really love, though, is high-profile construction. The Milliard mattress can suit side sleepers and larger individuals, as it can cradle their body without letting them feel the floor.


High profile for better cradling

Anti-slip bottom

Washable cover fabric

Has a fireproof fiberglass encasement

Three sizes available


Might sleep hot

Can feel too firm for some

The Millard is thicker than most floor mattresses on the market, and it most closely resembles a traditional mattress. So, if you don’t like all those shikibutons, go with this option.

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Best Luxury Option


Another decent option in my selection of top-rated floor mattresses will suit those who want more than a plain piece of foam on their floor. The EMOOR is an original shikibuton mattress from Japan that can offer you heaven-like comfort during sleep.

The construction of this futon is pretty simple. It consists of a foam pad with a firmer feel which is put into a quilted cover. Supportive and cradling, the EMOOR can suit most stomach and back sleepers perfectly.

Along with that, you can use this shikibuton as a topper. So, if your old mattress is worn out, the EMOOR can also help you upgrade it and get better sleep.

The only problem with this mattress is that it takes quite a lot of time to reach the advertised thickness. And it still might not inflate completely. I believe that it’s because the polyester fill is less fluffy compared to natural materials.

But the strongest point of this model is manual craftsmanship and high-grade materials. I love the quality of seams and quilting, and the futon generally looks nice and durable.


Manual craftsmanship

Lightweight and portable

Offers a balance between cradling and support

Hypoallergenic materials

Sleeps cool


May not be as thick and fluffy as advertised


So, if you don’t mind to spend more and want something that doesn’t look cheap, this shikibuton mattress is perfect.

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Best for Tri-Fold Design

Best Price Mattress

Moving further in my review of the best floor mattresses, and here’s this model by Best Price Mattress. The company has put the standard tri-fold design to a new level and made its floor mat sturdy enough to be used as a chair.

The mat has all-foam construction. The layer right under the cover is plush memory foam infused with green tea. It has a subtle scent and is resistant to mold and mildew development.

The base layer of this tri-fold floor mattress is dense foam with a medium feel. It has good pain-relieving properties, making this mattress suitable for different types of sleepers, including those suffering from back pain.

Best Price Mattress has a removable polyester cover. It’s breathable and feels cool to the touch, which enhances the temperature neutrality of the mattress.

My only issue with this floor mat was the odor. It’s common in foam mattresses, but in this case, even green tea infusion didn’t help. The smell was really persistent, so I had to wait for three days before I could actually begin testing.

The greatest thing about this floor mattress is its simple tri-fold construction. It makes storing and transportation much easier. Besides, it allows you to use the floor mat as a comfy chair for your guests to sit in comfort.


Convenient tri-fold design

Can be used as a chair

Removable cover

Infused with green tea to resist mold

Hypoallergenic materials


Strong odor

May not suit heavy sleepers

Overall, this floor mat has no bells and whistles, but it does its job very well. It’s comfortable to both sit and sleep on it, so your guests will definitely love it.

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Best Futon Floor Mattress

D&D Futon Furniture

D&D Futon Furniture

Another option in my review is this futon floor mattress by D&D Futon Furniture. I love that it’s very lightweight yet supportive, thanks to a combination of the materials inside. 

Cotton fill and a small percent of polyester fibers result in good breathability. This mat can adjust to your body temperature during the night and keep you comfortable.

Note that the mattress comes in a vacuum-sealed box, so it may seem shorter than advertised after you open the seal. When the mattress expands, stretch it out properly, and this will solve the problem.

The main issue with this mat is cleaning. The cotton filling isn’t washing-machine friendly, and even if you try to wash it, the mattress will go flat. Besides, the cover isn’t designed to come off, so the only option you have is to use the mattress with a sheet and in case of spills, spot clean only.

However, I really love that this model is very lightweight, supportive, and incredibly affordable. If these are the things you look for in your floor mat, look no further.


Compact design

Firm and supportive

Breathable and lightweight

Hypoallergenic materials

Good value for money



Black color may not appeal to some

Overall, I’d recommend this futon to owners of small apartments and RV campers. It’s compact and portable, so you can use it both inside and outside your home.

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Best for Outdoor Use



Here goes another rollable model from my selection of top-rated floor mattresses. The Willpo is a real godsend for campers. It weighs 9.8 lbs and comes with a carrying bag, so you can carry it around with ease.

Another great feature of this floor mat is that it’s completely waterproof. At the same time, it’s encased into a soft microfiber cover that can absorb moisture and help you stay dry even on a hot night. The cover is removable, so you can clean it without any efforts and enjoy a fresh look.

Also, this roll-up floor mattress is equipped with a detachable waterproof bottom pad that keeps the mattress in place even on slippery grass. The mat itself has an all-foam construction and can relax your muscles after a day of camping. Being 2.75 inches thick, it will suit back and stomach sleepers best.

What I didn’t like about the Willpo is that the microfiber cover, despite being well-made, is prone to attracting lint. So, you will need to wash it separately from other clothes.

What I love, though, is that this mattress is waterproof. This means it will serve you longer without developing mold and funky smells inside. Plus, you can take it outside and not be afraid of putting it on wet grass.


Waterproof design

Washable cover

Detachable anti-slip bottom pad

Suits back and stomach sleepers

Sleeps cooler compared to similar models


The cover fabric is prone to attracting lint

May be uncomfortable for side sleepers

Despite the flaws, I think that the Willpo is a perfect choice for camping. But it’s also great for home use, as it’s comfortable, supportive, and has good value for money.

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Best Affordable Pick

American Furniture Alliance

American Furniture Alliance

And the last option in my review of the best floor mattresses is for those who need something budget-friendly. This multifunctional model by American Furniture is made of quality materials and won’t tear a hole in your pocket.

The mattress is made of medium-firm polyfoam and features a layer of polyester fibers right under the cover for more cushioning. It is temperature neutral and may suit hot sleepers.

The polyester cover fabric of this portable mattress is stain-resistant, so if accidents happen, you can just wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Also, the dark color can mask the stains in case they still appear.

Another nice feature is foldable design and convenient carrying handles, meaning you can easily take this mat outside and use it for yoga or meditation sessions.

The only problem with this floor mat is that it may not retain its shape very well. I’ve slept on this mattress for three nights and it seems that it’s already formed a slight intend. Other users had similar complaints, so I think this could be a defective batch.

But the strongest point of this floor mattress is definitely its price. Paying so little, you will get a product that is no worse than more expensive options in terms of comfort.



Stain-resistant cover

Easy to transport and store

Hypoallergenic materials

Allows for multifunctional use


Questionable durability

May feel too firm for some

Given how cheap it is, this floor mattress is good for sleep and occasional use, for example, as an exercise mat. But if you want a durable item for active use, you should probably choose one of the options above.

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Who May Benefit From Using a Floor Mattress?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, a highly rated floor mattress is a must for every modern home. Who May Benefit From Using a Floor Mattress

But if you think that it’s uncomfortable for sleeping, you’re dead wrong. You may actually benefit from using a floor mattress if you are:

  • Friendly host. If you love throwing parties or simply inviting friends overnight, you have to take care of sleeping spots. Unlike inflatable mattresses, floor mattresses require no assembly and, depending on their size, can fit a single adult, a couple, or even a bunch of kids.
  • Camper. Those who travel with their RVs know how important it is to get proper sleep between long hours of driving. If that’s your case, a portable mattress can become your lifesaver. Place it inside the RV, in the tent, or just on the bare ground. Note that the latter is possible only if your mattress has a waterproof bottom.
  • Student. Dorm rooms are where college life happens. And this life is usually fun but often uncomfortable. Having a good floor mattress can help you quickly arrange an additional sleeping place for your college friend, or it can be used as your primary sleep surface if you’re on a budget.

“You can use a floor mattress as a cushion in your kid’s room when they are transiting to a bigger bed and might accidentally roll off during sleep.”

The Pros and Cons of Sleeping on the Floor

Truth be told, I know some people who have ditched their bed in favor of a folding floor mattress, so they sleep on the floor every night.

This practice actually has some surprising benefits you may not have thought of, such as:

  • Back pain relief. Yes, you can get relief if you sleep on a memory foam mattress designed for people with back pain. But sleeping on a thin floor mattress might give you more: this can help your spine realign itself to its natural position. So, if you have some issues with your vertebrae, use sleeping on the floor as a way to correct them. Note that it may help with minor issues, but if you have a serious condition, consulting your healthcare provider before transitioning to the floor is highly recommended.
  • Uniform support. The hard floor is an ultimate supportive surface. It prolongs the lifespan of your mattress and prevents sagging. The mattress, in turn, will offer a more uniform support for your body.
  • Cooler sleep. Most memory foam mattresses, despite a ton of benefits, come with one drawback included, which is hot sleeping. Overheating leads to disrupted sleep and a grumpy mood, but you can eliminate this problem by sleeping on the floor. The thing is, cool air is denser than warm, so it gathers closer to the floor and can cool you down. Besides, floor mattresses are typically thinner and trap less heat.

With that said, you should understand that some people are strongly advised against sleeping on the floor, no matter how good their mattress is:

  • Seniors. As you get older, your joints become less flexible and so does your overall mobility. And because getting up from the bed becomes more difficult, low-profile beds aren’t recommended for older people. So please, give your older guest a sofa or a guest bed instead of placing them on a floor mattress.
  • Side sleepers. If you sleep on your side mostly, the idea of using a futon may seem less appealing to you. That’s because floor mattresses are usually thin (3 inches on average) and can’t provide enough sinkage to cradle your shoulders and hips.
  • People with chronic illnesses. Cold air near the floor may help some people get a more refreshing sleep, while others could get sick. Besides, hypothermia can aggravate existing medical conditions.

“If you use a floor mattress during camping, you may get exposed to bugs, spiders, and other critters. To avoid that, place your mattress inside the tent or RV rather than on the bare ground.”

Types of Floor Mattresses

Most floor mattresses available on the market today are pretty identical, so chances are you will be choosing between just three types:

  • Roll-up mattress. Roll-ups have a compact design and are incredibly easy to store. However, their use is limited to sleeping only, as you cannot turn them into a piece of furniture like some of the models above.
  • Foldable mattress. This type can be folded, typically into three layers, for easy storage and transportation.
  • Convertible floor mattress. This one is actually a kind of foldable floor mattress too. But it may have more than three sections and can be turned into a chair or even a sofa.

Another common type of floor mats is the Japanese futon or shikibuton. It looks more like a thick blanket than an actual mattress. Despite that, it can offer you a good sleep and is an affordable way to arrange a sleeping spot.

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What Materials Are Used for Making Floor Mattresses?

Standard mattresses can be made of an extensive variety of materials, but when it comes to floor mattresses, due to their foldable or rollable construction, the variety of materials used to produce them is pretty limited:

  • Memory foam. Memory foam is known for its cradling properties and pronounced relaxing effect. It is also pretty flexible, so you can roll it up without any efforts. Memory foam is used in both rollable and foldable floor mats and is durable, which makes it more suitable for active use.
  • Polyfoam. Polyfoam is a cheaper type of foams, and it has lower resiliency and a shorter lifespan. However, due to the open-cell structure, polyfoam is somewhat more breathable than memory foam.
  • Other materials. Floor mattresses can also be made of cotton, fiberfill, and combed wool. The latter is most commonly used as a fill for traditional futon floor mattresses due to its excellent thermoregulation and soft feel. Although fiber-like materials are lightweight and comfortable, they require maintenance — fluffing and regular washing — and might lose their shape faster.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Floor Mattress

Before you proceed to shop, take a look at this checklist I’ve made to help you choose a quality floor mattress:

  • Size. Floor mats are usually big enough to accommodate either a single person (Twin, Twin XL) or a couple (Full, Queen, King). Most couples that I’ve hosted, however, admitted that sleeping on two separate Twin floor mattresses gave them the most comfortable sleep. 
  • Firmness. Floor mattresses rarely come with a soft feel because they are pretty thin, and deeper sinkage can cause the sleeper to feel the floor underneath. So, you will likely have to choose between firmer options.
  • Durability. Since floor mats are typically used occasionally, they may serve you for 5-6 years straight. Choose denser materials and avoid very cheap options if you plan to utilize the mat frequently or use it outside.

Wrapping Up

A floor mattress is a convenient and affordable way to create a place to sleep. The choice of such mattresses on the market isn’t very wide, so shopping for one should be easy. Especially now that you know more about this product.

All the models I’ve reviewed are top-sellers on the market, as they have great value for money and do their job well. My personal favorite, though, is the LUCID. I love the convertible design and the medium feel that suits most sleepers. Besides, it is easy to store and maintain.

For those of you who need a more affordable option for occasional use, the American Furniture mattress will be a perfect choice. Having no bells and whistles, it still can offer your guests — or you — great sleep.

How do you usually arrange a comfortable sleeping spot for your guests? Which of these floor mattresses do you think could help you? Share your thoughts below!

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