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Daydreaming is a fun thing to do.

Especially when you fantasize about something a bit spicier than going to Bali on your next vacation.

I am talking about all those sex scenarios you play in your head.

Well, not only you but also thousands of men across the country.

We’ve decided to survey 10,000 American men to see what places occupy the most space in their sexual fantasies. Let’s see what we have found out.

Top Places Men Fantasize About Having Sex

Top Places Based on Sexual Orientation

Obviously, people with different sexual orientations have different sexual fantasies. That’s why we took this aspect into consideration during our survey.

Now, here are the most common places straight guys fantasize about having sex in:

  • hot tub – 40%;
  • parked car – 26%;
  • shower – 18%;
  • elevator – 11% ;
  • pool table at a bar – 5%.

As for gays, their fantasies are a bit more interesting:

  • gym changing room – 38%;
  • spa lounge – 22%;
  • cruise ship – 16%;
  • park at nighttime – 14%;
  • rooftop – 10%.

Looks like public places are always associated with sexual fantasies. Parked cars, elevators, rooftops, parks – the list can go on and on. Seems like men these days really want to spice things up a little. And having sex in a good old bedroom doesn’t seem so appealing anymore. I mean, it’s still great, but probably not that fascinating after all.

Top Places Based on Occupation

Another cool thing we found out is that your career can actually influence your sexual desires. If you look at the following chart, you will see that our mundane routines determine our fantasies. Let’s see what places people dream about having sex at depending on what they do for a living.

Top managers want to have sex:

  • in a hotel – 36% (22% of which want to do it with the windows open so that everyone could hear them);
  • in an office – 32%;
  • in an elevator – 20%;
  • on a sailboat in the middle of an ocean/sea – 8%;
  • in the back seat of a taxi – 4%.

IT guys aren’t that wild with their desires but still have some interesting places in mind. Here’s where they want to have sex:Profession

  • on the beach – 44%;
  • in an elevator – 39%
  • in a movie theater (in the last row) – 10%;
  • in a changing room at a clothes store – 4%;
  • against a high rise window (the higher the better) – 3%.

Lawyers are probably the most ambitious in this group. They let their imagination run wilder. Here are their top places to have sex:

  • on a private yacht – 52%;
  • in a hot tub – 16%;
  • on a deserted or private island – 12%;
  • in a library – 11%
  • in a pool – 9%.

Teachers may be all modest and conservative in the classroom, but in their fantasies, they are much more fun:

  • in a classroom (surprise, surprise!) – 33%;
  • in a headmaster’s office – 26%;
  • in a kitchen – 15%;
  • in a parked car – 13%;
  • in a motel room – 13%.

As for doctors, it looks like they are quite adventurous too:

  • at the beach – 38%;
  • in a restaurant bathroom – 29%;
  • in a tent on a hiking trip – 22%;
  • in front of a mirror – 6%;
  • in a sports car – 5%.

Top Places Based on Age

If you think that younger guys are wilder than older ones, you are mistaken. In our fantasies, we are all crazy and adventurous.

So, let’s see how the age aspect influences our surveyed guys’ fantasies.

Here are the top 5 places 18-25 year olds want to have sex in:

  • in the back of a parked car – 33%;
  • at her parents’ house – 30% (26% of which want to do it in their girlfriend’s old room);
  • in a club restroom – 21%;
  • on a plane – 10%;
  • on a lifeguard stand on the beach – 6%.

Let’s now look at the 26-35 year olds and their fantasies:Place for sex

  • in the back of a limo – 39%;
  • in an elevator – 24%;
  • at the office – 18%;
  • in the ocean – 11%;
  • on the roof – 8%.

As for the 36-50-year-old guys, here’s where they dream about having sex:

  • on a yacht – 54%;
  • in a sauna – 22%;
  • in a sports car – 14%;
  • on the beach – 8%;
  • in a motel room – 2%.

50-65 year olds don’t mind spicing things up a bit and fantasize about having sex in such places:

  • in the ocean – 49%;
  • on a plane – 26%;
  • in a luxury hotel room – 18%;
  • in a hot tub – 4%;
  • in a private bungalow in the woods – 3%.

Guys who are 65 and older also let their imagination run wild:

  • on the beach – 36%;
  • in a restaurant bathroom – 22%;
  • on the roof – 17%;
  • in a park at nighttime – 13%;
  • in a hot tub – 12%.

Top Places Based on Annual Income

During our survey, we decided to check the correspondence between the annual income and the sexual fantasies that guys have. Interestingly enough, they all have rather similar desires despite having more or less money.

Men who earn 25,000 – 50,000 a year dream about having sex:

  • on a pool table in a bar – 41%;
  • in an elevator – 29%;
  • on a roof – 22%;
  • in a hot tub – 6%;
  • in a parked car – 2%.

Guys with a 50,000 – 100,000 yearly income fantasize about having sex:

  • in the back seat of a car – 49%;
  • on the beach – 21%;
  • against a high rise window – 15%;
  • on a private sailboat – 9%;
  • in a restaurant bathroom – 6%.

Men who earn 100,000 – 150,000 a year have a wish to have sex:

  • on a private yacht – 61% (wow!);
  • on a deserted island – 18%;
  • on a roof – 12%;
  • in a hotel room – 7%;
  • in front of a mirror – 2%.

Finally, guys whose income is more than 150,000 a year want to have sex:

  • on a private plane – 56% (39% of which want to do it with a flight attendant);
  • on a private beach – 22%;
  • in the office – 12%;
  • in a limo – 6%;
  • in a swimming pool – 4%.

When Exactly Do Guys Fantasize About Having Sex?

How about the time of the day? TimeDo you think men feel friskier in the morning or in the afternoon? And what happens in the evening? Let’s see.

Based on our survey, this is when men fantasize about having sex the most:

  • morning – 22%;
  • afternoon – 6%;
  • evening – 26%;
  • night (when not sleeping) – 46%.

Looks like nights are the most favorable time for fantasizing about sex. I mean, numbers don’t lie!

Whom Do They Want to Sleep With?

What’s cool about fantasies is that they allow us to switch partners as often as we want. Additionally, to spice things up, we can think about pretty much any appearance, place, and even profession.

Based on our survey, guys want to sleep with:

  • flight attendant – 39%;
  • dancer–  23% (16% of which want to sleep with a stripper);
  • boss – 19%;
  • yoga instructor – 11%;
  • doctor – 8%.

So, Which Places Are the Best?

Now, after doing this survey, we have learned that people really tend to let their imagination fly when it comes to sex. We’ve seen such answers as “during a concert in the middle of the stage”, “on top of Everest”, and even “in space”. Right, as if those are the most comfortable spots for sex.

However, some of the answers were prevalent. Looks like the following 7 places seem the coolest to our respondents:

  • parked car;
  • hot tub;
  • beach;
  • rooftop;
  • public restroom;
  • private yacht/sailboat;
  • elevator.

What about you? What do you think is the most fascinating place to have sex in?

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